Walking around the office barefoot

jenbk2 Posts: 623 Member
I work in a medium size "corporate" office. In the summer months there seems to be an epidemic of people walking around the office without shoes. Not only around the office, but also to the bathroom and back. I can't stand it !! I hate feet. I have gone to my supservisor but she is one of the offending people.

What would you do? Am I overreacting? Do people in your office do the same thing?


  • sheenarama
    sheenarama Posts: 733 Member
    I think that is disgusting. I work in an office where a lady does this as well. It is beyond unprofessional!
  • moxiecowgirl
    moxiecowgirl Posts: 291 Member
    People in my office, myself included, do it all the time. But our office is tiny and only has 4 people in it. And to the bathroom? EEEWWWW! No, shoes go on for that.
  • Jennjo322
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    Gross and unprofessional IMHO belhhhhh
  • GlitterrMagpie
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    I slip my shoes off under the desk, my feet tend to swell when I walk to work in the heat. I always put them back on before I go walking around though.
  • ren_ascent
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    Hey, I have a rep to maintain here! I'm originally from West Virginia!

    But to go into a public restroom? Ewwwwww, that is beyond nasty.
  • gwenette
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    I sit at my desk with my shoes off but as soon as i stand up the shoes go on!! U never know what kind of germs on lurking on the floor!!
  • EllenKay63
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    It's unprofessional. I can see doing it if it's a small, laid-back company. Or, your the old guy from Mad Man who makes you take off your shoes in his office.
  • footiechick82
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    I've done it... guilty. Mind you, I have a pair of slippers now under my desk so I can put them on whenever I get up and go anywhere other then to the printer (20 feet away).
  • wolverine66
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  • MinMin97
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    This IS strange. It becomes Not Okay, if everyone is not okay with it.
  • EllenKay63
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    To the lady who posted that she only does it at her desk. I can see that. But the GERMS! No telling what has been dragged in.
  • ironanimal
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    They're feet... 99.99% of humans are born with two of them.

    Get over it.
  • crystalrp
    crystalrp Posts: 113 Member
    Luckily it is against the rules at my office to be barefoot.
  • dodihere
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    GROSS!. Take an extra pair of flip flops to work.
  • suzy1003
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    People in my office do it, too!! Several of them...and yes, to the bathroom, too!! I guess they don't realize what is on the bottoms of shoes when we walk outside then inside. The nasty-ness that is probably in the carpets...I NEVER walk barefoot!!! Ugh...the bathroom is what gets me the most, though. Seriously...put shoes on for that, if nothing else!!!
  • RoninLife
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    no... just no. I don't like feet... that's why I disguise mine with fancy shoes all the time, lol
  • Roxanne_Hennessy
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    I ususally take mine off at my desk, and work around my cubicle with them off, I put them on if someone comes to my desk or I need to get up
  • aquarabbit
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    In my opinion, you are not overreacting. It is not only kind of gross but could result in some owies! What if someone stepped on a staple or someone wearing shoes stepped on a toe? Plus if you have that cheap carpet they have in offices it's going to smell like stinky feet really quickly. I remember having to vacuum that kind of carpet at my old job and it just held onto that smell like you wouldn't believe! Plus it doesn't seem like a professional environment if people are walking around barefoot. I mean, unless it's normal in your job, which it doesn't sound like.
  • EllenKay63
    EllenKay63 Posts: 516 Member
    When did it every become OKAY to be unprofessional?! This is work. Put on your shoes and be a grownup. It is not your home.
  • ACepero79
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    Wait until its people walking around the office with no pants....