BodyFat % in your Profile Photo



  • amruden
    amruden Posts: 228 Member
    I'm currently sitting at 28 percent... Work in progress /currently under construction
  • jacksonpt
    jacksonpt Posts: 10,413 Member
    OP - you do realize that other people's pics are pretty much useless, right?

    I'm at 11% and don't look anything like a lot of these people who are at 15+%.
  • legreene515
    legreene515 Posts: 276 Member
    28% or so. Would love to get down into the 20-22% range.
  • ssaraj43
    ssaraj43 Posts: 575 Member
    22%? those thighs!:tongue:
  • BAMFMeredith
    BAMFMeredith Posts: 2,834 Member
    26-27% ish...working toward 20%
  • Oishii
    Oishii Posts: 2,684 Member

    ^ Just for all those of you beating yourselves up about your numbers.

    I like the IDEA of BF% as a better guide than weight or BMI, but with no cheap or reliable way to judge it, I won't be buying into it. Often it seems to be used as yet another form of self-flagellation, or to sell more training/diets.

    Right now I'm pregnant so I have no idea, but I do know that pre-pregnancy two different sets of scales, both giving the same weight reading, were 10% apart.
  • cad39too
    cad39too Posts: 874 Member
    er....around 15%
  • BigCed77024
    BigCed77024 Posts: 1,115 Member
    This is a pic of me at 19. I had just placed second in a bodybuilding contest and ate a ton of spaghetti and ice cream. My brother snapped a pic of me. I know I was on average about 6-7% even though in this pic I look closer to 10. I miss those
  • BeachGingerOnTheRocks
    BeachGingerOnTheRocks Posts: 3,928 Member
    Right around 20%.
  • Cheri_Moves
    Cheri_Moves Posts: 625 Member
    Im sad reading through this and seeing all you beautiful ladies posting GREAT BF% and giving sad faces... learn more about what is healthy, attainable and sustainable before dogging yourselves! And if youre bummed now, imagine how bummed you'll be when you cant reach 15% or you do and hate life... Just sayin :wink:

    Im 23.0%
  • amonkey794
    amonkey794 Posts: 651 Member
    I'm roughly 15-18%
    Calipers gave me 14%, but the guy only did my upper body. I clearly have minimal fat on my thighs (muscle baby!), but surly not 0%! So I give more along those lines.
  • laurynwithawhy
    laurynwithawhy Posts: 385 Member
    I'm gonna go with 28-30%. I get really funky readings with different people doing my bodyfat. I'm supposedly about 27% now, would like to be about 22% but it might just be a pipe dream.
  • bunbunzee44
    bunbunzee44 Posts: 592 Member
    the last time I got measured it was 30.5% ..I'm hoping it would be 28% by now
  • sam308lbs
    sam308lbs Posts: 1,939 Member
    around 20 % bf in this picture
  • Ophidion
    Ophidion Posts: 2,065 Member
    I wish I knew, maybe 19% comparing other photos

    edited for: Can anyone recommend a decent link for measuring BF% with tape measure
  • trudijoy
    trudijoy Posts: 1,685 Member
    37.5% . . .
  • Booksandbeaches
    Booksandbeaches Posts: 1,791 Member
    No idea because that's my husband in the avatar. He's at a normal weight, so maybe 19% or so bf.
  • Txracy
    Txracy Posts: 78
    In my profile pic I'm at about 20%.

    In my most recent pic which I just took today (if you look in my profile pics, it's the black and white one with the caption making a joke about being "bulky"), I'm at slightly under 18%. ^_^
  • Then about 20-21%

    now 15%
  • KxCoyote
    KxCoyote Posts: 122 Member
    5'4" 29% :/