Any Whovians out there? :)



  • Woohoo! Other Whovians! No one I know wants to nerd out with me thinking about who will play the next incarnation of The Doctor! Who would you guys like to see in the role? A woman? An older actor? A ginger? Personally, I would LOOOVE to see Rupert Grint in the role!

    Im going very left field here, nothing in Who cannon thats says it cant happen Idris Elba or A female actress

    Bring forth the hate

    Idris is my dream casting for 12!
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    I can't get over how perfect the 10th Doctor is #^_^#
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    Can't say I am a Whovian since I no longer watch the show. My first Dr. was John Pertwee, who really played the part straight. My favorite came right after....Tom Baker. He was born to be the Dr. :) I watched a few episodes with Peter Davison but I was too used to Baker so that was it for me.
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    Am I the only one who truly loved Eccleston? Rose wasnt my fav though... Donna and Martha were badasses though.
    Look above at my post. Beat you to it. He was/is my favorite modern doctor. He was far more complex than the other two. Both Tennant and Smith do really well in their respective parts, but Eccleston's character had more meat on the bone. Where Tennant's seemed more of a nod to doctors of past, and smith as the softy sedimental fool(in a good way). He is vastly under rated which I suspect is because the lack of seasons under his belt.
    Tennant grew on me, that's for sure. He was SO different from Eccleston that I just wasn't feeling it. I feel like Tennant and Smith both have that goofy playfulness to them, which is great and all...but I just loved loved loved the depth to Eccleston
    I think the progression of the reboot Doctors has been perfect. Eccleston's Doctor really was someone who survived the Time War and had serious PTSD. Tennant's Doctor was the result of someone who had been grounded by his companions - notice how dark he often became when he didn't have a regular companion. He needed that connection to the human race to keep him sane. And Smith's Doctor - well, I haven't seen any of the episodes with his new companion except for the Christmas special (I don't have BBC America :( ), but judging by the previous seasons, he's someone who has grown comfortable with who he really is, but still won't be trifled with (even if losing Amy and Rory to the past made him withdraw again).

    Wow. I never really thought about it that way. That really does add a new dimension to it.
    Ive been getting into Classic Who lately, and for me it's really interesting to see pre-Time War Doctors...they aren't carrying the same "weight" with them. I imagine it's far different for those who watched Classic Who before New Who
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    OK a lot of people feeling Eccleston isn't loved enough. My reality is that I love all three of the new Doctors, but what happens to me is the one I am watching right now somehow becomes the one I am invested in. When I go back and watch the others, I am like how did I forget how awesome this Doctor was or how awesome this episode is.

    I just feel each Doctor played his part really well. I can't comment much on 6 & 7, haven't seen enough of their episodes. PBS never played them much. Only 2 Doctors I actually didn't want to watch, were 8 & 9. The American movie didn't keep my attention at all. I tried more than once, but couldn't do it.

    I think the person who commented on the writing being bad hit on the head though. I think the stories I saw for 8 were just boring.
  • So, what is your favorite episode for each Doctor? I haven't watched enough classic so I'll still with new.

    Eccleston - The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances
    Tennant - Either Human Nature/The Family of Blood or The Girl in the Fireplace
    Smith - The Doctor's Wife
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    "Bow ties are cool."

    I work in a courthouse... in the courtroom. We had a trial where a detective came in, wearing a bow tie. I wanted so badly to say this to him. But I didn't. When he came back the next day, again wearing a bow tie, I could no longer resist. I said it and he just agreed without even looking at me. I'm guessing he didn't catch the reference. Alas.
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    In the seventies I watched every week, I was a huge fan! There used to be a little dog called k9 ( I thought that was soooo clever!).
    I hadn't watched much since until last week when my 16- year old started watching it on Netflix. She found a pattern on ravelry and we made this hat together. I have been really enjoying the new shows! I also like hearing the music in the opening credits, just like the originals. We visited Cardiff Bay last summer ( where the most of the show is filmed) so it's even more of a thrill to see familiar landscape and buildings when we watch the show.
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  • I prefer "Wholigan", mostly old-school Doctor Who though. I like they new show, but it's missing the feel of the old show.
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    I'm a recent whovian convert.Me and my bf have this thing where we watch entire seasons together of differnet tv shows.We are on Dr Who right now(the newer ones).We love it so far,my 6 month old loves the opening credits.She always stops whatever she's doing and stares at the tv until it's done lol.
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    Bowties (and fezes) are cool. The end. :heart:
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    Whovian since 1980 here :-) Favorite Doctors are Tom Baker and Matt Smith.

    These are my favs too!
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    Peter Capaldi may be the next Dr.? I just don't see it.
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    Peter Capaldi may be the next Dr.? I just don't see it.

    Yup it's him
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    I think he totally has the Doctor look. I totally see it. I was afraid it would be a woman frankly so I'm relieved, lol.
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    I'm excited to see Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor. I liked him in Fires of Pompeii (he was the dad). And I'm glad they've gone with a slightly older man … I loved Tennant and Smith, but if they kept getting younger, we'd have a teenager soon, and that just isn't right :tongue:
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    Take a look at my ticker. xD

    I love the little adipose fat babies. :)

    I remember when they announced Matt Smith as the new Doctor I wasn't sure about him at first... I realized it was mostly because I was attached to David as the Doctor, so I got over it and I really like Matt. I'm going through the same thing with Peter Capaldi. The more I look at him though the more I see the Doctor in him and I think he'll be fine. He was in the Fires of Pompeii episode too.

    His role in World War Z was as the W.H.O. Doctor (listed as that on IMDB). :P
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    I am always unsure about the new doctors until I watch for a bit, so hopefully Peter Capaldi will do a good job. I watched it as a kid, around the baker, mccoy eras and then got all excited when eccleston brought the doctor back to us. Loved him, but my fave is Tennant. Smith is good. Cannot wait for the 50th show! Not a fan of Rose, loved Donna and really hated what happened to her. I often re-watch episodes though my 4 year old identifies Tennant as the Doctor not Smith so I guess I know which ones I watch more of lol!
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    As long as they don't make Peter Capaldi do an English accent, like David Tennant!

    And for the next doctor, I think it should be Idris Elba - for a really hard doctor!

    Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker will always be the benchmark for me though.