What type of exercise do you do on your lunch break?

I get a 45 minute break for lunch. I tend to do about 15 minutes of cardio and about 10-15 minutes on strenght/abs. Then a quick shower.

I am trying to get the most out of my 30 minutes. So just looking to see what others do! Do you do specific exercise? Just cardio? Just weights?



  • briteyes1002
    briteyes1002 Posts: 313 Member
    anyone? lol
  • hananah89
    hananah89 Posts: 692 Member
    I don't really take a lunch break, although yesterday I took a little walk so I may do more of that. But today every time I'm in the bathroom I do some squats (I'm doing one of those 30 day squat challenges)
  • Absonthebrain
    Absonthebrain Posts: 587 Member
    I speed walk, for 45mins or more if I have an hour
  • louisemallas
    louisemallas Posts: 59 Member
    I walk 2.5 miles in 40 minutes so you could probably do 2 miles as it wouldn't involve anything more than a change of shoes.
  • cwolfman13
    cwolfman13 Posts: 41,874 Member
    Monday - 10K training
    Tues - walk 4 miles or cycle 15 miles (recovery pace); I lift in the PM
    Wed - 10K training
    Thurs - walk 4 miles or cycle 15 miles (whichever I didn't do on Tues) (recovery pace); I lift in the PM
    Fri - 10K training
  • funforsports
    funforsports Posts: 2,656 Member
    I typically just do weights for 50 minutes over lunch. HIIT training and sports after work.
  • micheleb15
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    On my lunch I do some type of cardio like running since I do my strength in the AM. Look up some good circuits, HIIT, plyometrics. You can get a lot done in half an hour. The workout is never the issue for me. It's always trying to cool down and not look like a big mess when I go back to work. My face is still red, still sweating after my shower, etc.
  • HacheraTsarine
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    I have lunch with my coworkers and then I power nap in my office.
    On week-ends, I have lunch (either by myself, with my parents or with my friends) and then doze off.

    I might seem lazy, but I'm nothing but very energy-efficient.
  • MSmith74
    MSmith74 Posts: 24 Member
    My friend and I workout EVERYDAY on our lunch. Never miss one, unless we are gone or sick but if are at work we do our workout. --- totally committed! :)
    Right now we just picked up the new Shaun T workout called Focus T25. We are starting on Monday. Can't wait!!!
    But right now we are in a recovery week. So - Yoga, Stretch, Cardio Recovery, Core Cardio and Balance. But I sure do love a HIIT workout. :)
  • workout_ninja
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    I work in an Army Centre so everyone is big on the fitness kick, we have a gym here but 3 of us go into the drilll hall every lunch time and do insanity. There's loads of space and because everyone does fitness, we get that wee bit extra for lunch for a shower. Im very lucky to work here!
  • daniellemm1
    daniellemm1 Posts: 465 Member
    I have an hour for lunch, quickly change my clothes/shoes and then hit the company gym. I do about 10-15 min of weights and then 40-45 min of walking on treadmill. I walk fast enough to get a workout but not so fast I'm dripping. I do half the incline I would do at home, again to avoid the sweating. I usually burn 300 calories during my lunch break.
  • busy91
    busy91 Posts: 15
    while the weather is still nice, I go for walks.
    I try to walk at a moderate pace non-stop, but living in NYC it is not that easy.
    But I try to walk 2 miles (20 blocks). Takes me about 30 min to do.
  • carolyn0613
    carolyn0613 Posts: 162 Member
    I go for a walk or go to the gym. i usually burn about 300 cals. That's my main exercise. I eat my packed lunch at my desk beforehand
  • bpetrowski
    I have an hour lunch and between driving to the gym and changing that gives me about 30 minutes to workout. I usually do weight training. I can get in about 8-10 different exercises. Go to bodybuilding.com for workout routines if your new to weight training.:smile:
  • witmer1
    witmer1 Posts: 128 Member
    I try to walk one or two miles, when my schedule allows. I do most of my exercising outside of work hours and just do my best to eat well since my job is not very physical.
  • angieochoa1201
    Since I only have 30 minute lunch break I climb the stairs for 7-10 minutes followed by jumping jacks in the stairway and lunges/squats in the hall. I sometimes go in the elevator and do abs...

    On fridays I roller blade to a nearby Subway grab my sub and come back..
  • _Krys10_
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    fork to mouth
  • alpine1994
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    Ahh so envious of everyone! I can't take a lunch break. People are expected to work through lunch and it freaking sucks. There's not even a table in the kitchen. Only 8 days left of this job though!! :) Hopefully I can squeeze something into my lunch breaks at my next job.

    ETA: Like someone else said, I do 20 squats every time I go to the bathroom though haha.
  • missdelajay
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    I get 30 minutes so I walk the track
  • doug_pierce
    doug_pierce Posts: 255
    Cardio. My office gym has great cardio equipment (and not enough strength equipment) which works out great because my neighborhood gym has great strength equipment (and crappy cardio machines). I do strength in the morning and cardio at lunch.