365 days later (with photos)

That time has come! Tomorrow marks my 1 year mark of losing weight! And low and behold I pulled off 98+ pounds! Not quite the 100 I wanted but hey I'm no were near finished, and who knows what the morning will bring. Im still pushing for that 115 pounds lost goal. But for anyone who has struggled with obesity their entire life, it is possible to change. It's possible to lose it, it's your *kitten* so move it! I won't lie to you guys; I have Starbucks every week, I love cupcakes, I have no self control when it comes to sour patch kids, I still do not like my body because of the damage being overweight did to my skin, I have yet to actually join a gym (weight loss starts in the kitchen), this is the smallest (lightest) I have been since elementary school, people still call me fat because yes I still have fat, I don't diet everyday, I cheat and eat things I shouldn't, Ive only had McDonald's once in the last year (I had to have a Despicable Me 2 toy!). I'm not perfect and neither in my weight loss story, there's been times I've lost motivation, I've gained a few pounds back, I stressed out, I almost gave up; but I realized I spent 18 years overweight, practically killing myself slowly and its time for a new Jordan; a healthy one. So my advice; when you look in the mirror and see no change, and still keep faith, knowing that in time you will get there if you stay focused and on track, that's the difference between those who succeed and those who fail.

Last year I was wearing anything from an 18 to a 22, I'd buy men's XL shirts and my bra was a 40DDD, talk about some weight on my body. I never felt like I was good enough. Now I'm not afraid to admit my past size because I'm overcoming it. 1 year, only 365 days, I pulled off pretty much 100 pounds. I am now wearing anything from a 6 to an 8, men's small T-shirts, 36D bras are so easy to find, and I feel good. And that's the point of all this; to feel better about my self, and live a long healthy life.

265+ to 165-168! I'm 5.10 btw.



  • Love_Is_My_Fuel
    Love_Is_My_Fuel Posts: 211 Member
    So awesome...You look great!!! I'm about half way done my journey and looking forward to being in the 160's as well! Your a great inspiration!! Congrats!!
  • tartsul
    tartsul Posts: 298 Member
    you are ADORABLE!!!! great work! i am happy that you have a realistic view of things and continue to actually enjoy your life and food. keep up the amazing work!!
  • toof31
    toof31 Posts: 3 Member
    WAY TO GO! I have been afraid to take pictures, but now I guess I should. So I can see the remarkable changes that I hope to accomplish. Thank you for sharing your story!
    SALSACHICA1 Posts: 66 Member
    You look fantastic!
  • blt0087
    blt0087 Posts: 115
    Amazing! You've done an awesome job girl, you're definitely my motivation.
  • rgugs13
    rgugs13 Posts: 197 Member
    Congratulations!!! You look fantastic, and anybody who calls you fat is jealous! Keep up the great work, and whether you reach your goal weight or not, know that you are healthy and fit now! You went from a 38 BMI to a 24.1 BMI, which is in the normal range!

    Congrats again!

  • umer76
    umer76 Posts: 1,272 Member
    Great results! Thats impressive really!
  • eidc
    eidc Posts: 79 Member
    You look great!!!
  • lillie22
    lillie22 Posts: 13 Member
    Holy freakn moley! You look wonderful! Such an inspiration! Im currently at 253 and have 115 pounds to lose, Seeing your success makes me feel so encouraged that I can get there as well :) Thanks for sharing!
  • DaniDC28
    DaniDC28 Posts: 83 Member
    You look FAB!! Congratulations! Very inspirational! I have 70lbs to go... long road but I'm ready.
  • Hudds925
    Hudds925 Posts: 12 Member
    Brilliant weight loss, you look like a different person.
  • jodymcadam
    jodymcadam Posts: 24
    Wow, inspirational! You look amazing! i think the reason I've failed at getting healthy all this time is because I looked at it as a diet, when in fact, this is how I should have been living. I can't wait until the day that I get to post my 1 year before and after story!

    Question for you --- do you still log at goal?? I think I would probably have to log forever! lol
  • gigi_RN2013
    gigi_RN2013 Posts: 141 Member
    you look great !!
  • babyjlt
    babyjlt Posts: 6
    To jodymcadam, I still try and log in everyday, since I still wanna lose about 23 pounds. You are very right, I never think of it as a diet. It's not a punishment. It is eating for the body you want, not the body you have. One thing I learned is if you avoid everything you love (including those sweets) your more likely to have withdrawals and gorge yourself. Having a bite or two and small portions is the way to have what you want and not worry about gaining from it.
  • SilverQuill24854
    SilverQuill24854 Posts: 4 Member
    Good job! :smile:
  • qtgonewild
    qtgonewild Posts: 1,930 Member
    omg. you go girl.
  • melaniehubbard
    melaniehubbard Posts: 121 Member
    Thanks for sharing.You've inspired me to continue on my journey.You look awesome!
  • Angela7zFit
    Angela7zFit Posts: 53 Member
    Congrats !! Great work. You look amazing and most of all YOU feel amazing, because that is what matters the most.
  • lauruhem
    lauruhem Posts: 7
    Congratulations - you look absolutely amazing!
  • Skyebella27
    Wow wow wow! So inspiring! I just started my journey this weekend, and I hope that I'll get to post a success story in 365 days too!
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