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    "Now, the majority of lifters (men and women) aren’t very good at lifting. They never progress that far because they don’t understand proper form, proper intensity, and proper program design. Therefore, there’s a sort of built-in safety net for female lifters not seeking advanced muscular development. When very good coaches and trainers train their clients, however, they often achieve very rapid results. Skilled female lifters with good kinaesthetic awareness and a genetic propensity toward building muscle tend to see rapid results too, and these are the ladies who speak up and heavy progressive resistance training and its tendency to add too much bulk. The typical response in the industry to these ladies is to tell them that women are unable to get too muscular. This is both foolish and myopic as it depends on the woman’s training, genetics, and goals." -- from the article

    I liked this part a lot. Finally, it's refreshing to see somebody mentioning this fact about women's bodies in an honest and open way. I'm sick of the "if you're a woman, you'll never bulk up while lifting heavy" nonsense that's regurgitated over and over again. Of course most women will not...but some will...and it's time people recognized and acknowledged that. For some women, that's their goal. For others, it isn't. And that's fine!

    I like Bret's emphasis that it's ok to have different fitness goals. Everyone can do whatever they want to their own body. :smile:

    Also some women have a different level of what they consider to be bulked up enough for themselves, than a man would. So, it's ridiculous when men respond by saying that they wish they could bulk up as much as all the women are saying they have. Just the fact that they are saying that proves the point that sometimes women and men have different goals. And not all women or all men collectively have the same goals as a gender. There's nothing wrong with having different goals. It's only an issues when people are back and forth insulting the other person's body, incorrect perception of their health, or goals.

    Bret writes a ton of great articles!
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    Loved it.
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    I thought the article was very interesting. Glutes are my concern, too. I think the last pics of Jessica Simpson should have been left out, though. She admitted in an interview that she was wearing padded panties in that Dukes of Hazzard promo photo to make her butt look bigger. Her body was awesome, legs especially, but if the topic is glutes, she cheated on that one. All of the other examples were great and inspirational.
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    Great article!
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    bumping for a later read.
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    "In the US, the average daily caloric intake is around 3,770 calories." Seriously?? Wow...

    i think there have been times where I have come close to that number in one sitting. :(
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    This is a very well thought out and balanced article - not surprising considering the source.

    Very true, Sara.

    Man, this guy is smart and very considerate and well-thought-out. Not your typical loudmouth trainer writing a column. I've bookmarked his page. I'm bulking and I got a lot out of the article!

    Thanks, Binary! (We meet again :flowerforyou: ).


    You're Welcome!

    I guess we must cross paths in similiar threads on mfp?

    Glad people liked the article. :flowerforyou:
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    I really appreciated this article! I read so many different things in these forums and it's enough to make my head spin. This makes sense!
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    For anyone interested, there is a group on Facebook called SC ladies. Bret is the creator of strong curves and he is awesome. He even will contribute on the group page sometimes.....
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    For anyone interested, there is a group on Facebook called SC ladies. Bret is the creator of strong curves and he is awesome. He even will contribute on the group page sometimes.....

    Yeah, it's a great group.
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    I love this article, I do crossfit and it is mainly weight training, some days you have running, however, I was just thinking yesterday to include more cardio and this article confirmed that for me....

    Will do that, starting today
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    I love the flow chart at the end!
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    Fab article, thanks for sharing :flowerforyou:
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    An excellent read!