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need help with where to start please.

AlamiieAlamiie Member Posts: 9 Member Posts: 9
hi everyone i am new here. i am now around 175lb and 5ft1. 5 yrs ago i went from a size 16 to a size 0 and had major issues with food. i would eat around 800-1000cals a day and burn around 800 every day 7 days a week. i thought i had to burn everything i ate in order to lose weight. iw as obsessed i knew the calories in every single food and i used to wake counting calories it drove me insane and i was really unhealthy. i seen an ED specialist and was told my pulse rate was so low i was at major risk of a heart attack. i then gained the weight over 4 yrs and i'm now a size 14 pushing a 16 :( i am miserable and dying to not just shift the weight but BECOME HEALTHY. which i have never cared about before so i am hoping i will choose a different path this time. i normally only want to lose weight. the difference being is i now have a 10 month old baby girl who i want to be healthy for. i am only 21 and i feel ill every single day. i eat no fruit or veg and live on ****. literally ****. i am a sugar addict and have obsessive tendancies. my only pleasure in life is eating while watching tv. it stems from my childhood when iwas really unhappy i'd watch movies with a huge picnic of food. that is what i now do every single night to make me feel happy. i feel i am depressed and miserable if i can't binge infront of the tv.

sorry for this huge post and not making a lot of sense but basically i wanted some advice on how to overcome the emotional tv binging and where to start? according to MFP my bmr is 1422 so how many calories do i eat? what if i exercise? and how can i not become obsessed over calorie counting again?
thank you so much and please excuse my grammar lol


  • kellyskittieskellyskitties Member Posts: 480 Member Member Posts: 480 Member
    OK, I think people are shying away because you mentioned having ED history.

    Start by just logging. Don't change, don't even change anything. Don't think about it. Just log. Then look at the patterns in your diet. Weigh once and ask someone to hide the scales. Measure once and ask someone to hide the measuring tape. Allow it out at a set interval like weekly or monthly. Expect slow results.

    I would start by eating your BMR. DO NOT eat under 1200 calories ... period.... ever....(some do a fasting thing - that is not for you). Set yourself a goal to meet your protein and fats first. Then look for what you can do better and make small changes.

    Then start adding fruits and veggies - one here and there. You need them for good health.

    You can friend me - I'm no expert on eating disorders (except over eating maybe). I can help you with nutrition now and then and support. And I don't mind to call you out if you are going too far.
  • kellywitcher13kellywitcher13 Member Posts: 21 Member Posts: 21
    I had a few questions before I answer, Do you like fruits or veggies? What kinds of food are you binging on?
  • AlamiieAlamiie Member Posts: 9 Member Posts: 9
    thank you both so much for your replies.

    kellyskittles i will add you thank you very much i appreciate that. if i log can people see what i have put down? as i'd be pretty embarassed tbh.

    kellywitcher1 i love all fruits but really dislike vegetables. i can stomach tinned carrots, sweetcorn (lol), mushy peas and that's about it. i binge on chocolate and crisps. chocolate is my biggest issue. i also struggle with takeaways.
  • sunsetzensunsetzen Member Posts: 268 Member Member Posts: 268 Member
    I used to do exactly what you were doing, when I was a teenager. What you really need to do is deal with your emotional pain, to combat the emotional eating. See a therapist and then a dietician to get back on the healthy track before you start counting calories. Good luck.
  • JanMarie2BHealthyJanMarie2BHealthy Member Posts: 159 Member Posts: 159
    I commend you for wanting a healthy lifestyle because of your baby :) Good for you :) One day at a time and just remember why you are getting things under control. :) Good Luck !
  • VioletNightshadeVioletNightshade Member Posts: 197 Member Posts: 197
    You can choose whether or not your food diary is visible by anyone other than yourself.

    Go to My Home > Settings > Diary Sharing > Private
  • AlamiieAlamiie Member Posts: 9 Member Posts: 9
    thank you all so much for the replies and kind words. i will be seeing a psychiatrist soon i already have my referal so will address these issues and hopefully get the comfort eating sorted.
    how do i go about seeing a dietician can i request to see one?
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