Scared of going on vacation



  • dakitten2
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    Vacations for me are a time of enjoyment. We always go to the beach and I get plenty of exercise. But I eat whatever I want for the 2 weeks. At nighttime when I'm at the hotel, I do water aerobics and swim laps. Any weight I gain comes off pretty quickly because I'm eating out every day and can't control the sodium. I usually come home and lose 4-5 pounds after the first day back on track. I do eat sensibly for breakfast and lunch but dinner is always 'no limit". It works for me.
  • Trechechus
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    I live in a beach town and I'm not exactly sure what "beach food" is. When I go to the beach I might eat an ice cream or something, but I might also bring carrot sticks, or yogurt... or nothing at all. I don't especially like sand all over my food.

    I think you are over-thinking this. Enjoy your vacation, enjoy your mom's cooking in moderation, and have an ice cream if that is what you want.

    Have fun
  • ereck44
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    Yeah, I went on a camping trip a month ago and we really worried about not logging my calories, about eating foods which would set me back, but honestly I ate hot dogs, spare ribs, corn, smores, and a few brewskis. I was able to log and one day was over my cal's by about 1500. When I got back only gained a half pound. And I had a great time. Vacations are so worth it:-) enjoy! Keep logging. Eat what you want and hit it hard when you get back. That half pound is long gone and then some.
  • la8ydi
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    I just got back from a week in NC (including 12 hour car rides to and from). I was worried about the weight gain - but also told myself it was vacation and I wasn't going to freak out about it. I got up earlier than my teenagers and took a brisk walk and enjoyed the scenery (great for the mind and body). Ate what I wanted - but was more careful with my choices (decided to go to Arbys - got the sandwich I wanted and nibbled a couple of my daughter's fries). I did end up gaining 2 pounds BUT I also thought if I hadn't started this journey, it would've been WAAAAAAY I didn't spend any time kicking myself about it. BTW - we spent a lot of time at the beach and didn't really eat anything horrible besides icecream. Good luck - and don't stress. :-)
  • Lesa_Sass
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    Enjoy your vacation.
    Do not freak out over food.
    If you want it, eat it.
    You may come back and find that you will have an increased weight loss, it happens all the time.

    We work so hard 99% of the time so we get to be laugh with and love those that are special to us, do not let anxiety get in the way of that.
  • BrendaLee
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    Skipping the alcohol is a great call, and you will save yourself a ton of calories right there. If you know you're going to be doing something fun and foody in the evening, go easy on the calories throughout the day. Even if you make it a maintenance-calorie week and indulge a little, you won't be setting yourself back. Vacations are generally pretty rare occurrences, so this is one time I'd say to relax and live a little.
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    I feel exactly the same as you ... everyone here says just relax and enjoy your vacation. But what if you really do NOT enjoy it? It's not just the eating and exercise (although that does make a huge impact, I feel like I'm in a groove), but the 16+ car ride, several days camping (I am a homebody, I like the comfort of bathrooms and kitchens), unfamiliar beds(or no beds) making sleep difficult ...

    I'm taking a vacation from the vacation this time. Luckily Hubby understands. He's taking the kids and I get a stay-cation and will enjoy theirs vicariously.
  • twinsmom03
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    We are going on our beach vacation in 2 weeks...I plan on bringing some of my basic daily items...because after all it is a life style change....I have my salad dressing, protein shakes, bars, and bringing lots of salad and chicken and of course H2O...We will do some light shopping when getting there for egg beaters and other things I don't want to travel with :) I plan on coming home the same weight or lighter. I know I can do it bc last year I came home the same weight! GOOD LUCK...YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!
  • conniemaxwell5
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    Unless you spend the entire time eating fried, salty and sugary food, it is impossible to undo the good you've already done. This is a vacation - a break from your normal routine. When you come home everything else goes back to normal - work, home, activities, right? The same is true for your diet. Take a break from your normal routine and when you come home, go back to normal.

    I travel quite a bit and regardless of how I eat I come back 3 pounds heavier every time. 2-3 days of 'back to normal' and it's gone. I do keep up my exercise while I'm away but I really don't watch my food all that closely. I make healthy choices when I can but I indulge when I want to.