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Weight vs Inches



  • Jenelle64Jenelle64 Member Posts: 36 Member Posts: 36
    I love the discussion; there are a lot of good points made. When I said muscle weighs more then fat I was referring to eliminating the fat and replacing it with muscle so basically I wouldn’t lose weight and may even gain a bit if the muscle volume I obtain is as much as my current fat volume. I think I'm going to concentrate on the inches and the body fat percentage although using the scale will tell me initially if the fat is coming off. I should lose fat at a faster rate then I will build my muscles but as I gain more muscle, some of the weight I lose will come back.
  • madmiyamadmiya Member Posts: 67 Member Member Posts: 67 Member
    Inches! Muscle weighs more and I'd rather have smaller numbers on my clothes than smaller numbers on my scale.
  • RGv2RGv2 Member Posts: 5,779 Member Member Posts: 5,779 Member
    If you're eating at a caloric deficit, it is basically improbable that you will put on muscle mass, outside some noob gains.

    If you lift you will maintain muscle mass and gain strength. The numbers on the scale will lower slower (or stall due to water retention), but BF% will lower and inches will be lost as your body is losing fat rather than fat and muscle mass.
  • 123im4u2c123im4u2c Member Posts: 63 Member Posts: 63
    DO NOT< I REPEAT DO NOT FOCUS ON THAT SCALE!!!!! Focus on how your clothes are feeling on your body!
    The scale should not interfere with body fat loss, that's why I love my WW's digital. It does it all for me is easy to program for up to 4 people in the house! It gives you in this order...weight, body fat, body mass, water intake, and bone mass! MUSCLE DOES WEIGH MORE THAN FAT!!!!!!!!
  • jojo86xddjojo86xdd Member Posts: 202 Member Member Posts: 202 Member
    In total, I've lost 75 lbs and 25.4 inches around as of yesterday. For the past two weeks my weight has been fluctuating around the same 4 lbs, but my waist has gone down .5 inches. So my advice, do both.
  • ChelleBaladyChelleBalady Member Posts: 204 Member Posts: 204
    Inches and bodyfat %

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