What food(s) is the key to your success?



  • Say_Tia
    Say_Tia Posts: 20 Member
    watermelon. works great for staying hydrated and its filling.
  • mamadon
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    Pickles pickles pickles
    Skinny cow
    Turkey anything
    Smart cheddar popcorn
    Sara Lee 45 calorie bread
    Eggs every day.
  • ObiJuan
    ObiJuan Posts: 3 Member
    Chicken Breast, definitely. Drenched in lemon, with a little bit of oregano. Relatively low calories, high protein, and delicious. :)
  • tiffanyraylene
    tiffanyraylene Posts: 97 Member
    Homemade strawberry shortcake protein smoothies
    Luigi's Italian Ice
    Green Mountain Farm's Greek cream cheese (w/grapes... soooo good)
    Spinach stuffed chicken breast wrapped in bacon
    Tilapia, salmon, other fishies.

  • wolfchild59
    wolfchild59 Posts: 2,608 Member
    Cupcakes from a local bakery.

    I kid you not. Seriously. this a real post/response.

    When I have a cupcake I am more likely to show a loss on the scale the next day than if I don't have a cupcake. And the week not long ago that I ate one cupcake from there every single night of the week, I showed consistent loss on the scale with an overall higher loss that week than any week for the previous year.

    It only works if I have one though. If I eat two, even if within my daily calories (which I always am with the one), then I won't see the loss on the scale.

    And it keeps me going because they are best freakin' cupcakes I've ever found anywhere (and I've always been a cupcake freak, so I've eaten them from a lot of places across the country) so it's a wonderful pick-me up mentally to be able to treat myself to a cupcake, and a great motivator every time I see the scale continuing to move in the right direction.

    I've joked with the owner of the shop that, once I hit my goal weight, I'm going to make a t-shirt that says "Body by Cupcakes" :D
  • Mslmesq
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    Soda water.

    Siracha, or any hot sauce.

    Popcorn. (my treat).
  • jayjay12345654321
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    Anything from the produce department.
  • choijanro
    choijanro Posts: 754 Member
    Eggs,Chicken Breast,Protein Shake,Fish,Water,Low Fat Milk & Low Fat Soya Milk,Fruit Juice,White Rice,Oat Meal,Wheat Bread,Apple,Banana,Sweet Potato,Fruits & Vegetables,Natural Peanut Butter & Honey :smile: :wink: :happy: :glasses: :drinker: :blushing: :smooched:
  • JTick
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    Low Fat Pringles. That's some serious bang for your buck when I'm wanting chips.
  • lynalinda
    lynalinda Posts: 37 Member
    My fav fruits, some vegan coconut ice cream, dark chocolate with mint chips :)
  • heywithers
    heywithers Posts: 99 Member
    Egg whites- hardly any cals, no fat

    shiritaki noodles- 40 cal for whole package and 6 carbs

    sara lee 45 cal bread- tastes just as good as any other bread I used to use

    oh and of course stevia, flavored water, and diet dr pepper
  • bub_snig
    bub_snig Posts: 56
    Vanilla yogurt with a teaspoon of ground cinnamon

    Air popped popcorn
  • mmg0327
    mmg0327 Posts: 29
    Yum! So many good foods...here are some of the ones I eat at least once a week, usually more:

    1. Mueslifusion SuperMuesli (lately I've been having it "overnight oats" style with almond milk)
    2. Baby brussels sprouts (with a little olive oil, pepper, and a squirt of lemon juice)
    3. Tilapia en Papillote (steamed with veggies in a parchment paper package). Super quick and easy to make. I could eat this every single day...
    4. Peanut butter on rye toast
    5. Egg white omelette with mini grape tomatoes

    ...aaaaaand now I'm hungry :)
  • sukiwabi
    sukiwabi Posts: 221 Member
    greek yogurt
    v-8 juice
  • benol1
    benol1 Posts: 867 Member
    Through your weight loss journey I am sure you have encountered a few snacks, condiments, desserts, etc that have been a part of your success.

    What are your top 1-3 foods you find yourself eating several days a week that really help you keep going?

    The secret to my success seems to be more about what I don't eat.
    I recently went on a plant-based wholefoods (vegan) diet and as a result - it has had quite a pronounced effect on weight loss, and it has also been an incredibly easy transition. I feel healthier, lighter, and I have more energy.
    If I can pick three foods:
    - oats (porridge) for breakfast (50g of oats + 30g sultanas, cook in water and topped with 40ml of soymilk). Very satisfying.
    - nuts. Despite being calorie dense, it appears that the calories are not absorbed and research suggests that they may actually increase metabolic rate and contain a compound which triggers feelings of satiation. (citation provided on request)
    - beans - delicious and great protein. Beans also help to smooth blood sugar peaks and troughs and the phenomenon is known as the "second meal effect".

    Wishing you all the best with your health and wellbeing goals.

  • chezjuan
    chezjuan Posts: 747 Member
    When I was eating at a deficit to lose weight, my "go to" foods were:

    Breakfast: Hard Boiled Eggs and plain Yogurt

    Lunch: Annie's Organic entrees (if I didn't bring leftovers from dinner) - they are filling and have a pretty simple ingredient list... almost like freezing leftovers IMO.

    Dinner: Lean meats including chicken, beef, turkey; Lentils, fresh veggies.

    Now that I am eating at maintenance, I have larger breakfasts and almost always bring leftovers for lunch (unless I go out).
  • quicklabs
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    Hershey's Dark Chocolate Kisses
  • ktdiddy
    ktdiddy Posts: 43 Member
    Dry roasted almonds.
    Green tea - preferably a flavored one.
    Freshly brewed coffee - just water and beans, no milk/soy.

    Oh and here is my latest go-to after dinner treat:

    - one banana chopped up (sometimes frozen, sometimes fresh)
    - 10gms cranberries
    - 10gms slivered almonds

    Since I cut dairy and soy from my diet and started eating more whole foods, my cravings have disappeared almost completely.
  • sheltony
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    When I have to have a treat, Tofutti Cuties Chocolate chip mint soy ice cream bars are the perfect little friend.
  • crzycylr
    crzycylr Posts: 78 Member
    I don't eat red meat, so I need to look for ways to get in protein and 'good fat'. My two favs are hummus and almonds. Costco sells an individual pkgs. that are perfect for a snack to take along with you. Almonds are a great way to also curb your appeitie.