Evolution of a Face (126 lbs down)

wizbeth1218 Posts: 358 Member
The other day I wrote a blog post and included a face-pic from October of last year (you can read the post here - http://fatgirldiariesonline.blog.com/2013/08/22/listing-to-port/ - if you are interested).

I looked at the picture and thought, "I don't recognize myself." My next thought was, "I really looked like that?!"

And that made me look through some older pictures, and then snap a quick selfie today.

After 126 pounds lost, the changes to my body are pretty astounding (even if I do say so myself), but I don't often look back and compare just facial differences.


I gotta admit, it's pretty stinkin' awesome to look at pictures of myself and actually like them. That's probably one of the biggest changes over the last 11 months: I actually like the way I look (as long as I have clothes on... 'cause I have a lot of excess skin <shudder> ). :noway:

What I did/am doing: Eliminated binge trigger foods like chocolate & refined sugars. Closely monitor high-carb foods because I have difficulty limiting those portions. Joined a 12-step program for food addiction. Eat mostly lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and high-protein nutrient-dense foods. Eat three sensible, clean meals daily with maybe one snack. Exercise 5-7 times weekly: started with 30DS, then added free weights with elliptical, then C25K & free weights. Currently training for a half-marathon using Hal Higdon's program. 1,200 - 1,400 calories daily. Water is my only beverage.

Find what works for you and keep doing it. You are worth it.


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