How much water do you drink everyday?



  • Johnpaul1987
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    Sorry to be abrupt but if your pee is clear then you're drinking adequate amounts, you're drinking too much when you're pissing like a race horse!
  • jdm_taco
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    at least a gallon
  • brraanndi
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    Always shoot for the basic 8 cups but have easily cleared a gallon. I drink water all the time and I love tea/soda/anything water based with flavor.

    I've pretty much done this since my last international trip where I didn't drink enough water ( for a week ) and ended up passing out at the airport on the way home. I'd rather be overwatered than under after that happening.
  • TheEffort
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    I drink about 14 cups a day.

  • Timmmy40
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    I average around 20 cuos a day. I make black tea. I am switching over to decaf tea this week. I was wondering why I wasn't falling asleep that easy. Black tea has almost as much caffeine in it as soda or coffee. I didn't know that.
  • socajam
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    I drink about 3 gallons everyday yes I cheat a little I use crystal lite I've drank 3 gallons for over a year now.

    I can't drink water without some flavoring in less i have no other choice.

    How much do you drink everyday?

    I drink 32-44 ounces (room temperature) first thing in the morning with my medication (before brushing my teeth) and it work wonders on my colon.
  • cmriverside
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    ets: aaaack I dint even spell it rite.

  • I drink about 10 to 12 cups a day and my doctor is yelling at me for drinking too much. She says it's throwing my blood all out of whack. Oh well. My blood will just have to hurry up and catch up.

    ...I'd get a different doctor.

    It's entirely possible to drink too much and it does pay to listen to your doctor. Especially if they're saying your bloodwork is coming back 'out of whack'.

    Right, 10-12 cups a day isn't a huge amount though, seems weird to me, but what do I know, I'm certainly no doctor :)
  • I drink enough water to keep me from getting constipated and that is around 60-100oz.
  • amandatapar
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    Usually 12 cups of water a day.
  • I have a giant 22 oz insulated Starbucks glass that I LOVE using for some reason. If I have to have glasses or bottles I just don't drink as much. Maybe it's the straw? Lol
    But when I use it I can usually get through 66 oz a day easily, I'll use Mio flavoring too once in awhile to switch things up!
  • jackson7478
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    My doctor says to take your weight and divide it in half and that's how many ounces of water you should drink per day. I've been doing that for 3 months now and not having any problems except going to bathroom more often.
  • kckBxer396
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    Occasionally I have off days,and I do drink stuff I shouldn't. Typically, I drink 8-12 cups, depending on my workout and the temp outside. I don't add flavoring,and I prefer my water filtered and around room temperature or slightly chilled. I can't stand for it to be too cold. If it's the right temperature, it tastes better to me,and it's all that I want to drink! haha

    Also, I have a Nalgene bottle that measures up to 32oz. It makes drinking water easy for some reason. Maybe because I can see my progress?
  • RBurnham90
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    I'm usually in the range of 1.5 - 2 gallons a day (straight water.. not flavored water or coffee or tea). I have a 32 oz water bottle I'm drinking and refilling all day. Peeing like every hour. It's been like this for the last 5 years or so and will always be like this.
  • wolfchild59
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    I drink 15-21 cups a day depending on the workout for the day.

    I couldn't even imagine drink 48 cups of water a day. I actually cut back because I was doing 21-24 cups a day for awhile and my urine was almost totally clear most of the time and I actually found that the increased amount of water, with the naturally lower amount of sodium I was getting from eating cleaner was causing me some issues with my running. So I cut back on the water a bit and increased the sodium a bit at the same time and it really balanced out my runs a lot more.
  • dunnodunno
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    I drink anywhere from 48-64 ounces of water a day.
  • I have a 750ml bottle that I fill and drink from at least
    4 times a day. Don't really keep track of the actual number of times I drink it. I'll pay attention to it tomorrow.
  • janupshaw
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    I drink anywhere between 9-14 cups of water each day. There's no way I could drink 3 gallons!