How often do you weigh yourself?



  • RobotMil
    RobotMil Posts: 12 Member
    Every morning. I track my daily weight online to see the trend - as long as the trend line is going down or maintaining I'm happy, as I know my actual weight fluctuates up and down within every week/month. Luckily I don't get upset about numbers on a scale and I'm just using them to see the trend, I think if I was the kind of person to get upset about it I probably wouldn't track every day.
  • mrshudson813
    mrshudson813 Posts: 128 Member
    Once a week. I know my body weight fluctuates from day to day and depending on where I'm at during my menstrual cycle. If I weigh myself more than once a week, I get frustrated when I gain a pound one day, lose 2 pounds the next, then gain back the two, etc. even though I know it's just water weight or something trivial. So, once a week is fine for me! :)
  • SophieC19
    SophieC19 Posts: 117 Member
    Everyday, I like to see the fluctuations :)
  • defmut3
    defmut3 Posts: 735 Member
    Every morning, but I don't care that much for it.

    Measurement > Weight
  • Iri_2
    Iri_2 Posts: 349 Member
    Every morning. I like to see the fluctuations and it keeps me motivated.
  • Hildy_J
    Hildy_J Posts: 1,050 Member
    Every day, first thing.

    I like to compare my net calorie/weight loss charts and track my progress. It's a geek thing.

    Keeps me on track, anyway, but I know it doesn't work for everyone!
  • xLoveLikeWinterx
    xLoveLikeWinterx Posts: 408 Member
    every day... just as a habit really. I dont take much stock in the figures so long as theres a generally downward trend.

    Yep, this for me too. I might forget for a couple days to weigh, but on the average I do it every day/every other day. I take note of the number, but just follow if it's a downward trend or not.
  • melbogg
    melbogg Posts: 135
    first thing in the morning, every morning
  • iceflow
    iceflow Posts: 17 Member
    Few times a week, only record the weight every Monday morning. As long as there is a downwards trend I'm not too fussed
  • Christi132
    Christi132 Posts: 67 Member
    First thing every morning for about 4 - 5 weeks, then I take a week or two off. I always seem to gain a few pounds during my weeks off, but then I'm motivated to keep on going. I don't think i could have lost 30+ lbs without taking some time off. I would go crazy!
  • I only started my first full week on Monday but though I am going to weigh in and record on Mondays i weighed myself on Wednesday, so I will probably get on the scales at the start of the week and midweek from now on :)
  • carlapendergrass
    carlapendergrass Posts: 42 Member
    Very rarely. In fact, only when I have a doctor's visit, or when my trainer does an evaluation at the gym. Weighing at home makes me crazy. I work out regulaly and am feeling great - better every day, in fact. My clothes are getting loose. That's what matters to me.
  • twice a day
  • mjharman
    mjharman Posts: 252 Member
    Every morning...I can't help it. I need to be sure that the pounds didn't magically come back overnight. So far, so good!

    I find that when the scale doesn't move, I try to do more to force it to go down. By weighing every morning, I know exactly where I stand and what I have to do.
  • scrapjen
    scrapjen Posts: 387 Member
    I weigh every day ... and my lovely Aria scale connects wirelessly to my Fitbit account and to MFP, so my poor little MFP ticker is often sliding all over the place. But I love the data. I also connect my scale to Trendweight and that gives another look. Friday mornings are my OFFICIAL weigh-in day, so I do watch the week-to-week trends as well.

    But even with the exact same data, depending on how you graph it, it can look SO different. I did a post about it on my blog.

    I just graphed my weight from the past few years (from 2006-now) ... just had to take the first day of the month for that.
    Very interesting though!
  • mdgivens
    mdgivens Posts: 206 Member
    Every morning, home or away (travel scale).
  • iRun_Butterfly
    iRun_Butterfly Posts: 483 Member
    Every morning, but only count my Friday morning weigh in's as actual as far as progress, or lack of, goes (WW habit). The fluctuations don't freak me out, just keeps me in check.
  • riblust
    riblust Posts: 20 Member

    If fluctuations are a concern, you don't want to take less measurements, you want more, however counter-intuitive it may sound. More data points gives a more accurate measurement, especially if trying to capture trends.
  • FatOldBat
    FatOldBat Posts: 3,307 Member
    I have an annoying little habit of weighing myself first thing in the morning, every morning :/ I'd like to aim for once a week but I guess I'm worried not weighing in everyday will have some sort of negative affect on me (Maybe not keep me as motivated?). Just curious to see how often you all weigh in?
    Once a week only, to keep from driving myself nutz! :wink:
  • daj150
    daj150 Posts: 815 Member
    I weigh-in every single morning at the same time. I update my measurements once per month. I don't really pay attention to any of them unless I am trying to analyze how my prior day or days eating affected my weight that day. Some people rely on the scale not really for the weight watching, but more for a motivator. If it works for you, keep at it. If you find yourself getting unmotivated if you go a week or more with no change in weight, find another motivator. Find what works for YOU and stick with it. Everyone is different.