Name your apps!

Hello all! there are sooo many apps out there and many hidden treasures in between so what apps do you use on your phone to help you succeed w/ your fitness goals? or any apps in general if you want to share! maybe we can find some handy apps that can help us all out, some that i use are:

For android:
-Pandora(a must for my workout)
-8 tracks (when i want a personalized music playlist)
-Daily Workouts
-Instant Heart Rate(not sure if accurate but hey still cool =)
-Fooducate(rates a food from A to F, thats how i shop my food)
-10k FREE(training for a C25K but for 10k distance)
-Stumbleupon(cool random website generator based on your fav topics)

What apps do you have?


  • clover5
    clover5 Posts: 1,648 Member
    I like MayMyFitness. You can link your exercise to MFP if you want.
    MFP - of course, and Pandora

    I am going to check out Fooducate right now. Sounds interesting.
  • Kanzaki3
    Kanzaki3 Posts: 656 Member
    - MFP
    - A HIIT Interval Timer
    - JEFIT
    - Spotify
  • Cindyinpg
    Cindyinpg Posts: 3,902 Member
    Zombie 5k
    Zombies Run!
    Bodymedia Fit
  • prettyfitchick
    prettyfitchick Posts: 502 Member
    Nike Training Club (great workouts that aren't boring)
    GymPact (haven't used it yet if any one has let me know how you like it )
  • Angimom
    Angimom Posts: 1,463 Member
    Run, Zombie!

    Happy Thursday!
  • 4legsRbetterthan2
    4legsRbetterthan2 Posts: 19,557 MFP Moderator
    Runkeeper to track runs - it can sync with MFP too
    Pandora for music
    Zombies run is pretty interesting and can work with runkeeper
    HIIT interval trainer - you can set up routines on it so it will tell you when to start and stop
  • HeyGoRun
    HeyGoRun Posts: 550 Member
    Hscope(tells me how my hormones will treat me, on point so far)
    Fitter fitness
    Veggie Weekend
    Pro collage(for before and afters)
    Filibaba smoothies
  • Snooozie
    Snooozie Posts: 3,374 Member
    Love Runkeeper and it synchs with MFP now... but bumping to hear all the treasures from everyone else! great post op!:ty! bigsmile:
  • fjrandol
    fjrandol Posts: 437 Member
    I have quite a few gym apps, but the ones I use most frequently are:

    MFP (of course!)
    Nike+ Running
    Pandora :-)
  • andreabrabham
    andreabrabham Posts: 116 Member
    Bump. Great Suggestions. I will be adding some of these!
  • toutmonpossible
    toutmonpossible Posts: 1,580 Member

    MFP (although I use the website more)

    Fitnotes (for recording workouts)

    Fitbit (although I use the website more)
  • Panda_Rolls
    Panda_Rolls Posts: 101 Member
    icardio-syncs with my fitbit so I know how far I've run/walked but it doesn't count it double
    fitbit-syncs with myfitnesspal
    sworkit- new but so far I love it
    C2K free
    Monitor your weight-mostly just got this one for extra credit on acheivemint

    I just added fooducate and fitradio, thanks for the suggestions!
  • Curvimami
    Curvimami Posts: 1,866 Member
    MFP (of course!!!)
    Stronglog (5x5 type workout)
    Simple C25K
    BodyFat Log
  • S3r3knitty
    S3r3knitty Posts: 160 Member
    Android: Runtastic paired with HRM which synchs with MFP
  • retroheart48
    retroheart48 Posts: 36 Member
    wow, nice apps, im gona run out of memory adding some of these, :bigsmile:
  • Android:
    Runkeeper (I've tried Map My Run and Runtastic, too, but like Runkeeper the best)
    Zombies Run (used the Zombies 5K app when I first started running)
    Beyond Pod for podcasts that I listen to while working out when I don't feel like listening to music
    Springpad to keep recipes that I find on the web
  • red0202
    red0202 Posts: 37 Member
    I use "My tracks" for tracking the distance and speed. I do not do any other workouts other than walking.

    Is there any andriod app available which "does not use mobile data "and gives distance and calories burn.

    I know on iphone there is an app (walk star) which do not require mobile data and does what is required.
  • cynthiadmail
    cynthiadmail Posts: 90 Member
    Gain Fitness cross trainer ( workouts)
    Home workout (workouts)
    Cody (workout tracker,journal )
    MFP ( food tracker)
    pandora (music)
    you tube (music )
    Over (photo)
    Aviary (photo)

    P.S nice topic !!
  • fShaw86
    fShaw86 Posts: 878 Member
    MFP, app
  • steve2kay
    steve2kay Posts: 194 Member

    (that's pretty much it, there still aren't many apps)