Fattie to 1/2 Marathoner (pics)



  • TheRealJigsaw
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    Great job. Congrats to you Sir!!
  • RevCO30
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    Congrats! You look great :). Thank you for your service!
  • Niccidawn092
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    My dad used to run the AF marathon all the time after he retired! He loved it.

    Congratulations! You look great.
  • artkidforlife
    artkidforlife Posts: 5 Member
    Congrats! Great job!
  • Elliehmltn
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    Today, I ran 13 miles in the Air Force Marathon & weighed in at 204lbs. Next year I'll try the whole marathon.

    "Do or do not. There is no try." --Yoda

    You can do it. Trust me! You will do the full marathon next year. In fact, I'd bet that you do one before next year!!
  • ALW65
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    That is so fantastic - you must feel so proud! And more importantly, thanks for all that you and your family sacrifice in our service - you're a true hero every single day :flowerforyou:
  • norahs45
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    you look great- WTG
  • Scotland_forever
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    Congratulations, sir! You are an inspiration :) Fantastic work, kudos to you:flowerforyou:
  • shortie_cheryl
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    That is an awesome accomplishment! Congrats!
  • ktpod1
    ktpod1 Posts: 83 Member
    Amazing results!
  • cr4leyef
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    Wow! Goes to prove that you can do anything that you set your mind to. Fantastic job!!!
  • Deipneus
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    Look look great!
  • Rastamann
    Rastamann Posts: 139 Member
    Great Job! Keep on running!
  • Congrats and THANK YOU for your service!
  • PJ_73
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    You have such a beautiful smile!

    Congrats on your journey thus far and the 1/2 marathon! Great achievements.

    Here's to the next half!
  • rezn8
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    nice going. I just ran a half for the first time yesterday.
  • janatarnhem
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    Looking great! My first day of C25K today! I thought I"d done great!!! Congratulations and good luck for the full one!
  • From one runner to another ...you look awesome! Congrats and great achievement. Thanks also for your service....you my man... ROCK!
  • zornig
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    Well done Staff Sargeant!
  • wwmorrow
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    You should be so proud. Fantastic!