Running Tip: So you are about to do your first race.



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    Thank you!!!!!!!!
  • I've done a 5k and 10k so far and found alot of this helpful :) Thanks
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    My first 5k is tomorrow eeeeek. I started running 8 weeks ago in a learn to run program and am able to run 5k straight so I hope I can do it tomorrow
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    Thank you so much for that information... I am almost 72 and will be running - correction walk/running - my first 5k next Sunday in one of the Race for Life series. I am still in the obese BMI and my DH and friends - and me - think I am mad! But I knew I needed to set myself some challenges to stop being a couch potato and get down into the healthy BMI range. I have been walk/running now for a couple of months, and have been gradually extending the distance - today did nearly 2 miles in 28 mins and during this week hope to have done a full 5k by mid-week. And then work over the summer for Great South Run 10miles in Portsmouth at the end of October.
    I am following the Great Run training programme, which is like the C25k, but many thanks OP for the really useful raceday tips. I will be with my DDiL who has done several runs, and my 2 lovely GDs, who I am sure will beat me... but just to complete the 5k in less than an hour would be a fantastic achievement!
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    I've my first 5K tomorrow - advice sounds great, thanks for posting, OP!
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    My first 3.5-mile race is tomorrow. Bump for reference at home and for the future.
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    I did my first 5K race yesterday, and it went great - I ran it in 35m 09s - I'm happy with that.
    The OP gave great advice - thanks!
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    bumping thanks to some great advice from a fellow member - my first 5K is this weekend
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    Absolutely awesome post.
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    Am coming from my first 5k race, I wish I saw this before...didn't exercise well, didn't warm I'm laying in bed and can't move a leg...I will definitely save this for coming race...thanks a lot.
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    bump. thank you.
  • Bump! Great article! Thank you so much for taking the time to share these tips. I'm running my first 5k this weekend and this is the kind of advise I need.
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    Not sure if it was covered in the thread, but starting line courtesy isn't covered. If it's your 1st race, starting towards the back is probably a good idea. Those starting right at the line are there to get on the podium, not just "finish" and will run right over you if you're in the way.