Updated Pictures 185-148lbs



  • you look amazing what a great surprise for hubby!!!!
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    You're so cute! Cant' wait to hear an update when your husband comes home. You look adorable.
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    I love reading success stories....you look great!!
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    You look super cute!! Good job!
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    You look Fabulous! Thanks for sharing.
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    Well done, you look fab! Your husband is going to be so shocked and pleased! Its nice seeing that it can be done. I'm starting off where you did and can't wait to look that good!
  • Wow! You look amazingly beautiful!!! You give me so much hope!
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    This is awesome!!! :D He will be so happy to see you I am sure! Beautiful :)
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    ahhh! you look awesome, great job. this is such a motivator for me. my husband will be going on his first deployment in november, and i plan to work my FAT off by the time hes back =) excited for your homecoming btw!
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    Thank you everyone- I have a couple more month but its on. Getting my T25 next week to tone up, so I'll be updating you all with a before and after when I finish the program. A lot of you been asking me about my calorie intake is, I do 1200 a day- sometimes I don't quite make it but most of the time I do. I also do my Body vi meal replacement shakes- for dinner or lunch & the whole clean eating- well trying haha. I also just eat chicken and turkey- I haven't had any fast food, soda nada since my husband left- he's my bad influence he was blessed with great genes and can EAT anything and not gain. I drink 1/2 my body weight of water with lemon which is key to losing weight. I really need to give my thanks to ACE. For those who don't know what ACE is, ACE is a ALL natural Appetite Control and Energy supplement, it will turn-off your hunger switch and kick you into gear! It also is a metabolism booster, which is why the weight just literally falls off. No jitters, No sleepless nights, No in between meal snacking, No binge eating, No over eating.. You take one first thing in the morning, and then go about your day. You'll have more energy and generally feel better than you have in years- which is so true. Great for pre-work out. I'm not trying to sell it to anyone so I hope I don't get in trouble for writing that. YES I know its no miracle drug but its has helped me and such a great tool. I have help so many get to their goals weigh men and women- its amazing & makes me so happy to see them happy again. I bet your wonder if I'll gain it back- NO you don't blow up ten times BIGGER- eating good and changing your way with food is a lifestyle so I wont gain it back. I've also been on off ACE for month before and never gain anything just sat around 155 from losing down from 185. Well I wish you all the luck in your journey- we can do it. Thank you again everyone for the congratulations- - Cant wait to see my husband its been such a LONG deployment & we ( me and my baby girl) miss him to pieces.
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    Where you do you get ACE? I am down to about 5'4" and 148lbs and just seem stuck for months now! But my problem is I crave chocolate and junk! I think something to help me control my cravings and hunger might be the key for me!
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    You look great!!! Thanks for inspiring me to keep on trying...
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    Yeah that. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    Congratulations, your look great.
    Keep it up.
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    Great job, you look amazing!
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    Holy *kitten*! You got HOT!

    LOL! You've done great! Congratulations!
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    Thank you everyone for the kind words. If I can do it you guys can do- DONT GIVE UP :bigsmile:
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    You look amazing! Your husband will be thrilled. Enjoy!
  • You look awesome! Congratulations on your success!
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    Wow you go babe go .. and with the little one it will help so much.. Iam a Blue Star Mom.. so glad to met the Wife of a Military Uniform.. so proud of you and family.. really.. from my old Mom heart.. just started this.. knock on wood.. hahahahahha Iam on
    FaceBook too.. have been trying to get my new daughter-in-law to do this with me.. Dina needs to have so help for health reasons..
    hugs hugs hugs ... your Young man is going to be so surprised when he comes home.. and you will be able to help him stay healthy too.. hahhahaa we never stop our training in the Military Families.. Stand Tall Hold the High Ground and Keep Punching... love a Blue Star Mom ardy richter Milwaukee wi
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    Holy *kitten* you got HOT! Wow, such a great job, congratulations, I am truly inspired by you! I bet your Hubby is going to be GAGA over your new hot body!