Need advice to stop over eating after sunset



  • Nimrod2010
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    Well I tried to save my calories for dinner today and did GREAT! I used only 165 for Breakfast and Lunch (yogurt, bananas, tea). It snowed in Ohio and being outside did help me from eating. So this evening was no problem for what to eat. I still ate somewhat healthy, but got to enjoy the foods I like.

    I also purchased 94% fat free micro-popcorn. This has also helped with the cravings.

    Thank you for all of your help! (anyone looking for another friend?)

  • Your advice about washing teeth if u feel like eating really worked with me. I was about to ruine my diet 10 minutes ago and your advise worked like magic. Thanks a million.
    JDHINAZ Posts: 641 Member
    I've noticed I can go thru the day and keep my diet right on track. I stay active and this helps me fight my urge to eat unheathy or over my limits for the day. But after the sun goes down and after my dinner....

    I become a Vampire of food!!! I seem to start munching on about everything that is easy and in reach. At this time of day I am usually winding down and don't feel like being active or exercising. I usually chill out and start snacking. I know I should have a cut off time for food but I feel as if my taste buds cramp up if I don't satisfy them!

    Perhaps because you're hungry. Glancing back at the last week, you average under 1200 calories a day! It could be that you are in NEED of food...
  • SchroederNJ
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    That's my worst time too --- in part because of boredom --- I started exercising after 7 to fill up some of that time
  • linsdog
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    This used to be my problem, took some will power but simply put I cut it out of the lifestyle. Generally just drink water after dinner and my body has adapted.
  • leaaa92
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    Try eating more smaller meals throughout the day. Like eat half a regular size lunch at lunch time then the other half couple hours later. And drink lots of water and have healthy snacks with you. This seems to keep me from snacking on everything when I get home :)