72lbs down...Helloooooo One-derland!! *pic heavy*



  • darlingyellow
    darlingyellow Posts: 22 Member
    Beautiful! Too much joy for you! I can't wait to be in your shoes! <3
  • genie49317
    genie49317 Posts: 1 Member
    Great Job! You're awesome and you've made such progress. You definitely:wink: will meet your goal!
  • tanners63
    tanners63 Posts: 20 Member
    That is so neat! You look great!!! What do you do for strengthening?
  • determined2bfit13
    determined2bfit13 Posts: 91 Member
    Wow congratulations on you weight loss. You look fabulous! I just started yesterday. When you said your were "eating my feelings" it really hit home. I didnt think I look that bad until I saw a picture of myself this weekend. Its like its not me anymore. But reading your story gives me hope and motivates me. My goal is 150 as well. Good luck reaching your goal! Looking forward to posting my own sucess story.
  • sarbahanew
    sarbahanew Posts: 11 Member
    wow- congratulations!! thanks for sharing your story & pics.. very motivating!
  • FrauHaas2013
    FrauHaas2013 Posts: 615 Member
    Thank you so much for sharing your story - I, too, find it incredibly motivating as your "before" is where I am right now!!! It's comforting and inspiring to know that there are real people here who have accomplished something this tough...GREAT WORK!!!!
  • LeceMaria
    LeceMaria Posts: 16 Member
    For strength, I have lower body days, where I do leg presses, extensions, curls, squats, calves, adductor and abductor machines at the gym

    Upper body days, I mostly use dumbbells, 15-20lbs and do bicep curls, hammer curls, chest press, triceps and a bunch that I don't know the technical name for yet lol.
  • LeceMaria
    LeceMaria Posts: 16 Member
    And thank you everyone for all of the positive words and compliments. I really appreciate them
  • theslimapple
    theslimapple Posts: 38 Member
    Amazing how much you can change in just over half a year! You look great. I have no doubt you'll reach your ultimate goal!
  • Kassandra772
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    You look Absolutly amazing! You're an inspiration to many!