Skinny/fit people who say, "I'm so fat."

This is something I've been thinking about, as an eating disordered person in recovery. A friend of mine posts photos of herself where she looks absolutely trim, and apologizes for how fat she looks.

As someone sensitive to body image, and occasionally worried about this girl's health as well, I see so much more in this than I think she realizes, and I don't think many people who post like this realize what they're doing.

This girl states that she is looking fat, and the casual observer sees this girl, as beautiful as she is, as fit and trim, with a body most people would envy, and thinks, what does that say about most people on this planet? We all must be so much less, at the very least in her eyes, and not only that, but it displays the unhealthy mentality this girl holds in her own mind, that she is as beautiful as she is, and she is still unhappy. Especially to an eating disordered person who would literally die to have a body like she has, this is a very triggering message, not only to those with an ED but to the average person, to a young girl growing up, whoever it may be. Because the fact is, girls (and guys) do this all the time, with no second thought as to what it is they are really saying, the message they are truly portraying.

I think we should all try to see ourselves in a positive light, to be kind to ourselves, to promote positive messages of health and beauty. Criticizing ourselves in public not only shows an unhealthy mentality in the person, but also sends an unhealthy message to everyone receiving it.



  • I agree. I have a friend who does this all the time. It's like if you're fat then I must be frickin' super morbidly obese! Which ironically makes me want to binge!
    ETA: you look pretty slim in all your pictures btw!
  • crackur
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    being fat is a belief that came from a person's own perception........anyone can be fat if they believe it......vice versa.
  • SailorKnightWing
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    She's fishing for compliments. Call her out on it.
  • harvo
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    In an effort to stay positive........

    I am POSITIVE....that I am FAT!
  • bridgew24
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    Anyone who publicly whinges about their weight (other than on here!) is just attention seeking. If it's said privately to a friend that's a different matter.
  • Kirstyw871
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    She's fishing for compliments. Call her out on it.

    Yes, I too believe those who do such things are calling out for attention.

    It's pathetic.
  • ingeh
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    I do this sometimes, my friend said Iv got my figure back after kids and I dont need to worry about losing more but I still get paranoid im fat. I think its just a mindset and we need to learn to see ourselves how everyone else does. Its hard if your been bigger and have spent ages losing. I am however getting around my mindset and can see im slim now so I dont moan as much
  • amsipub
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    It depends on the person. I know that I weigh more than what people assume I actually weigh. Plus, sometimes the picture just isn't as flattering to that person so they see a bulge in their usual problem spot so that's why they say that they look fat. I agree with bridew24 that if they are publicly saying it on a regular basis then it's definitely an ego stroke, but if it's one picture that they are commenting on with a close friend then they have a different frame of mind.

    Plus, doesn't everyone have a day where it doesn't matter how much you weigh you just feel bloated and heavier than usual?
  • Carl01
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    I am not saying that it is always the case...

    It does however exist.
  • KT193
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    Someone who does this is just attention seeking. If they really thought they looked fat in the photo why would they put it up for everyone to see??? I hate my body and you won't find any photo's of me anywhere, only face pics. There are plenty of people who are slim and still have body disorders or image problems and I think this is just as important to recognise as overweight people with problems.
  • Myhaloslipped
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    I also hate when women who are clearly beautiful do that and fish for compliments.
  • markpmc
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    Well I'm about 17% BF and I think I'm fat. I think I'm fat because my GOAL is abs which means I need to be around 12% BF. Perhaps she's simply not at her goal.
  • Livingdeadgirl44
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    I used to be 63kg and I thought I was still fat having lost quite a bit of weight. In fact I was just wobbly because I hadn't done any exercise. Now I'm back up to 73kg and I'm wondering why I didn't appreciate it more when I was slimmer!
  • Yanicka1
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    She feel fat. I sometime feel fat and it is all about how I feel about myself and has nothing to do with anyone else. It is not a critique of those that weight more than I do, or those with ED.
  • Martucha123
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    She feel fat. I sometime feel fat and it is all about how I feel about myself and has nothing to do with anyone else. It is not a critique of those that weight more than I do, or those with ED.

    this 100%
    Can be she is attention seeking and therefore offending those with ED or bigger then she is, but it's quite possible she feels fat. I have gained 9lbs and I feel fat sometimes. even though my BMI is normal, even though my bf% is below 25% even though I usted to be 25 lbs heavier then I am now. I have the right to feel the way I feel. I say it sometimes at loud, I don't intend to offend anybody. Why so many people assume the worse?
  • tritepoet
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    I never meant to imply that this girl intends to offend anyone, and I in fact stated that I feel she may have an unhealthy relationship with her body image. She of course can feel how she feels, no one here is debating that. My own point was that perhaps we, as a society, could be more aware of the messages we send out when we trash talk ourselves in a public domain, such as the internet.
  • littleburgy
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    I think often when thin girls calls themselves fat, I don't think they're aiming to make heavier people feel self-conscious -- often they are too concerned about their own image to worry too much about others. They tend to look down on themselves more than they do other people.

    I personally don't understand "selfie" photos and that overall culture. If there a photo and I think I look fat in it, I don't post it.

    I used to irritate friends when I was a teenager (before the internet) -- I would often call myself fat (when I wasn't) or ugly but at the time I genuinely felt bad about myself and needed the encouragement. Though I think now I would practice more sensitivity about how this projection made others around me feel.

    I do admit that at times I would ask a close friend or my husband "do I look like I've gained weight?"

    Though now that I have the courage to weigh myself weekly that isn't an issue anymore :P
  • mmckee10
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    She's fishing for compliments. Call her out on it.

    This. This *kitten* gets really old. lol. Normally, I just call them out on it and it doesn't happen a whole lot after that.
  • Onesnap
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    When someone says those words out loud it creates a really awkward situation for the other person.

    I just always say that I'm a healthy weight and always have been but that I use MFP to stay on track (fitness and nutrition tracking). It also helps me to maintain or to lose a little to fit into older clothes. I have learned that if I don't track and when I don't weigh in for a really long time it's easy to spiral out of control.

    Anyone that is a healthy weight or in great shape that whines they are FAT are really just looking for attention or pity. Or they actually have an issue/illness that causes them to see themselves as fat. More times than not the person is looking for someone to praise them or sympathize with them.