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What did you do with your old clothes?



  • MrsJuli4BMrsJuli4B Member Posts: 27 Member Member Posts: 27 Member
    As soon as something is too big for me it goes to charity, textile recycling or eBay. To keep costs down I am buying from eBay and charity shops as I can't afford to replace everything new! am ruthless about it, even if something has been a 'favourite' if it doesn't fit I don't want to keep it.
    There is no looking back, I won't need those clothes again.
  • sijomialsijomial Member Posts: 16,956 Member Member Posts: 16,956 Member
    Some went to "The Museum of Fashion Disasters from the 1980's" and the rest were donated to charity shops.
  • TedebearduffTedebearduff Member Posts: 1,155 Member Member Posts: 1,155 Member
    Before my weight-loss, I was a size XL-XXL. I stiill have some clothes as I progressed (i.e. large, medium, etc.) but the ones that are too big now, now that I've reached my goal weight, are just collecting dust. What have you done with your clothes?

    I donated a majority of my XL-XXL clothes but there's that little fear in me that I might gain weight again and I may need the larger clothes in the near future. However, I don't plan on ever being that big again. It's just one of those things that stay in your mind for a while after you've finally reached your goal weight. That fear of becoming big again.

    So anyway, did you give/sell your old clothes or do you have them stashed away somewhere "in case?"

    My GF hates me for not keeping my bigger shirts that she could wear as dresses.

    I donated everything!!! I knew i was going to bulk and plan on putting on more muscle so I kept my medium sized stuff.(which I am wearing daily now :( )
  • trentwigglytrentwiggly Member Posts: 74 Member Member Posts: 74 Member
    St.VdeP's has been reaping the benefit of my fat loss! :)
  • amaysngraceamaysngrace Member Posts: 742 Member Member Posts: 742 Member
    I donate and never look back.
  • FrauHaas2013FrauHaas2013 Member Posts: 615 Member Member Posts: 615 Member
    There's a great organization here in town that I'm planning to give my clothes to when they get too big to wear anymore...sadly, I spent LOTS of money when I started my new job in July because I have to dress more professionally here. But hey, it's all par for the course, right??

    The org let's economically-challenged women go "shopping" for clothes that they accessorize and can wear on job interviews. How cool is that??
  • GlassslippersAndFairyDustGlassslippersAndFairyDust Member Posts: 520 Member Member Posts: 520 Member
    Donated them
  • EmilyEmpoweredEmilyEmpowered Member Posts: 656 Member Member Posts: 656 Member
    I have donated everything! No way was I keeping clothes around "just in case", not this time! In the past I always did, and then grew back into them!! :laugh:

    Seroiously though, I wish I had ONE pair of pants from the start of my losing weight, would LOVE to compare! My mom was going to look around this weekend and see if she could find a pair, if not I am going to go to the store I shopped at most when I was that size (NY&C) and try on that size (18) and take a picture, I really want to see the difference! (Since I now wear a 2 in their clothes)
  • anewday23anewday23 Member Posts: 16 Member Member Posts: 16 Member
    Sadly, I have been a lot smaller. Donated everything, then gained all the weight back. Now I have a closet full of clothes that are too small and I miss wearing. Hope that changes.
  • SpiderkeysSpiderkeys Member Posts: 336 Member Member Posts: 336 Member
    I keep all of my old clothes because they have never been more comfortable to wear, only difference now, I need to wear a belt, and another reason you unfortunately may need them again because you can easily be the old you yet again.
  • mahanaibumahanaibu Member Posts: 505 Member Member Posts: 505 Member
    I never get rid of my "skinny" clothes but toss my "fat" ones as soon as they don't fit!

  • MyChocolateDietMyChocolateDiet Member Posts: 22,387 Member Member Posts: 22,387 Member
    they are mostly in tatters anyways. i throw them out. i would not subject those out of style threadbare duds to anyone.
  • DawnOBRNDawnOBRN Member Posts: 290 Member Member Posts: 290 Member
    I cut my old t-shirts into shreds and made rope bones out of them for the dogs at the shelter I volunteer at. The rest I gave to goodwill. 3 full lawn bags full this week!!
  • FloraSinFloraSin Member Posts: 188 Member Member Posts: 188 Member
    My loss isn't done yet, but I don't have much planned to lose so I've just been altering and taking things in as I go. I'm handy with a sewing machine so it made sense to put it to use. I have a bunch of nerdy t-shirts that are eventually just going to become a nice quilt partly because of weight loss, but mostly because I'm at a point where I need to start acquiring a more mature wardrobe for my working life. Haha
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