Passed my original goal of 145...from 181lbs to 140lbs



  • lorita67
    Wow Jessica you look fabulous! Glad you were finally able to stick with it!
  • skcardiog
    skcardiog Posts: 316 Member
    Wow . Good job !
  • GolfBird1
    You look awesome! Can I just say that you looked awesome before too :smile:

    ^^^^^ this. I was thinking the same thing!

    Your story brought tears to my eyes - thanks for sharing xx
  • GFielding_56
    GFielding_56 Posts: 76 Member
    Excellent post - Inspirational, moving, failures and successes - Well done.

    You can serve as an inspiration to us all - Good luck and thank you for sharing
  • Care76
    Care76 Posts: 556 Member
    Thank you for sharing your story. I look very similar to what you did in your before pictures. I hope I can look like you when I'm done.

    In sorry to hear about your gpa. It is so difficult to lose those closest to us. I have lost my step father, all my grandparents, an aunt who was like my grandma, and many more. It is so hard, especially when they suffer and are not the same. (((Hugs)))
  • Glampinupdoll
    Glampinupdoll Posts: 234 Member
    thank you for sharing a wonderful story and being an inspiration !! grandpas are great :)
  • AnchoredinHimfitness
    Thank you all so much for your sweet comments. I truly appreciate it!
  • jmp463
    jmp463 Posts: 266 Member
    Great job - you look gorgeous! Be proud of yourself.
  • determined2bfit13
    determined2bfit13 Posts: 91 Member
    You were beautiful before but now your are just beyond gorgeous! Congratulations!! You definitely inspired me to keep going.

    Thanks for sharing your story with us :)
  • AiimeeDee
    AiimeeDee Posts: 116 Member
    Wonderful! Congrats!!
  • connie_messina
    connie_messina Posts: 495 Member
    omg!!!!!!!!! so impressed!! wow! u look awesome im so happy for you!!!
  • sjanejack
    sjanejack Posts: 158
    congratulations! you look great
    P.S. sorry about the loss of your Gpa
  • Forever99lbs
    Forever99lbs Posts: 57 Member
    Amazing loss
  • michele_lynn
    michele_lynn Posts: 66 Member
    AMAZING progress!
  • isanomade
    isanomade Posts: 21 Member
    You are amazing!!! Your story is such an inspiration for me. I am 181 lbs now and my weight is fluctuating so much. Your story give me courage to continue my quest for a thinner and healthier me. Thank you for sharing your journey and keep up the great work!!!
  • kaseymei
    kaseymei Posts: 164
    You look wonderful!! My Gpa means the world to me and like your's he is the glue to our family. I'm sure your Gpa is so proud of how you have taken control of your health. Thanks for sharing your story.... it is very inspirational and I think it hit home for a lot of us who have been on this weighloss roller coaster.
  • Dreaj79
    Dreaj79 Posts: 212
    You look amazing in your "after" pictures, but you were also really pretty before as well!

    Im glad you got a chance to tell your grandpa how much he means to you. Not everybody gets to do that.

    Thanks for being so inspirational!
  • drmcglone
    drmcglone Posts: 80 Member
    Oh my goodness.....Im typing this while crying....your story just simply brought me to tears! I don't know you but I am so proud of you!!! Way to go you look fab! Thank you for the inspiration!
  • Vivian06703188
    Vivian06703188 Posts: 310 Member
    Your wonderful on the inside and out. Keep up the great work! Being healthy is a life long goal.
  • mrsamanda86
    mrsamanda86 Posts: 869 Member
    You've done wonderful for yourself! Your story brought me to tears, I'm a military wife as well, and can completely understand that side of things. It's hard to make yourself care about your health and appearance when someone you love so much is gone. I can't even imagine how hard it was to lose your Gpa, my condolences to you. I feel the same way about my Nana, and know that when her time eventually comes it will be absolutely devastating to my entire family.
    I do agree with others, you were beautiful before, but now you are happier and much healthier, so good job :) Just keep fighting even through the bad days/times! Thank you for sharing your story :)
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