Desk Job Exercise Group



  • MartialPanda
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    yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! This is brilliant and would help so much.
  • OK! Group is made - it's called Deskercisers --- if thats too lame I can change it haha, but join!
  • simsburyjet
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    Weekdays at work every chance I get I do push ups until I reach 1000... Fortunately we are in a private area.
  • strong_enough
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    This is a great idea. I have a little pedal bike that I keep under my desk. And I try to do squats and wall pushups on my bathroom breaks. I can also do calf raises. I'm thinking of bring a small set of hand weights to work as well. I'd love to join the group
  • StacieAAdams
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    A co-worker & I do something every hour on the 1/2 hour mark all day long. M,W,F we do legs, such as squats, lunges, thighmaster, mountain climbers, walking/running the stairs, and wall sits. On Tues & Thurs, we do arms/abs etc. and do things such as push ups, jumping jacks, crunches, plank. So I am in! We do this anyway, I will just start doing extra and start logging it here. :)
  • bcattoes
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    I would be interested. I don't do something every hour, but I do try to do2-3 mini workouts (10-15 min) during my workday, for the very reason you stated. The increasing evidence that it is unhealthy to sit for many hours at a time, even if you exercise regularly.
  • HollisGrant
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    I would like to join, too. I work by myself a lot (at the moment) and sometimes stop to do squats and pushups. Great idea!
  • juliemouse83
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    This is great! :) Just got done with stairs, and am looking forward to a little something else on the thirty minute marks. I work straight through from 7:30 to 3:30 and graze at my desk. so this is perfect.
  • jeannemarie333
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    This is awesome!!!
  • ldarlener
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    please invite me I work in an office. Have bad shoulders so the pushups are out
    but I can do my core exercises... WOOT WOOT so excited
  • You might want to check out I have their Chrome extension installed and every half hour it pops up with an exercise or stretch to do. My only problem is not wanting other people in the office to know that I'm doing them. I somewhat have my own area so it's somewhat doable... (:
  • Sedna_51
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    Hmm, sounds very interesting! I'm in an open-plan office, but I might be able to work something in...and I really like the idea!
  • smerkord
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    I'm in. I walk 30 minutes at lunch and have an adjustable desk and I try to stand 4 hours a day. 2 hours before lunch and 2 hours after lunch.
  • aseymour13
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    Ok I am going to make a group now and invite you all! =)

    If I may, count me in!!! I try and do things at work, go out at lunch and walk when I can but it would help to have some support and accountability! I'm going to be commuting longer in the not too distant future and will really need to keep it going!!! I need to get a fitbit too!
  • sandy_gee
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    I want an invite!!!
  • AprilSchulte10
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    where are you doing these activities....and I can't see doing jumping jacks in a skirt. I try to get up every half hour or 45 minutes, and I walk after lunch. In the winter I guess I can walk indoors, but there is still no place to have a mini workout session.

    Ditto! I dont have anywhere to do anything but the bathroom. Ugh..I cant even really walk indoors bc its such a small office.
  • Not sure if it will help or if you can install anything on your work computer, but this Fitbolt app is nice for reminders to move and gives you some quick exercises to try. This thread actually reminded me to fire it back up! :)
  • djshari
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    I would love to be in this group! I have looked up quite a few things I can do at work - either at my desk or in the bathroom (where I have more space and privacy to do jumping jacks and stuff like that). Always look for new tips or ideas to help keep me moving. I also walk on my lunch break if the weather is nice enough but I also can use reminders to get up in the 4 hours before and after.
  • i am in.
    i don't have much ares to do this but want to try to do more.
  • iperceive2
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    This is awesome!!
    A group would be great so I would always know where to go!
    I do squats all day and arm excercises with the weights i keep at my desk.