• Am I in? :) *fingers crossed*


    Um.. YES.
  • So we've had MILF threads and DILF threads.... I guess I'm gonna have to start an "Old Maid" thread for myself???:embarassed:

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    LOOOOVE this thread! Thank you OP and THANK YOU HOT DADS! :flowerforyou:

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    Not so much hot....but all Dad (see how big these pics are)




    BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA that first pic is awesome, Ihave a couple of my husband and daughter liek that! FUNNY!!
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    Progressive overloading :)


    HAHA my daughter and neice did this to my husband... i asked if i could get on... he said no...RUDE! LMAO! HAHAHA
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  • I wouldn't say hot, but I'm a dad with a low grade fever. Does that count?
  • Regardless of the hot part, its really cool to see all the MFP guys so engaged with their kids (own, step, grand, etc) and truly enjoying it. I take fatherhood very seriously and it clearly shows everyone else here does as well, which is refreshing and inspiring at the same time. So thanks to all those who posted and the OP for starting such a great thread!

    All of the men posting here are definitely hot! Their interaction with their kids steps up the hotness factor tenfold :heart: :love:

    ^^^ What she said.:love:
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    I hate it when the interwebs don't cooperate. None of these pics are loading for me right now. I'm just getting the stupid little square with an X in the middle. I guess I'll just have to come back later to check out the hot dads.
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    I look like I am in my third trimester in all current pics. :embarassed:

    This thread has cracked me up though.
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    Alright...thought I would try one not-so-goofy pic, which is really tough for me. :)
    Snapped this at work today.

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    ^^ I think you look great :smile: As do the other recent contributors...nice to see this thread back on the first page :smile:
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    Single dad, father of 2 great little girls. C'mon ladies! :flowerforyou:
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    Running bleachers with my youngest. My farmers tan is pretty hot. :happy:

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    I thoroughly enjoyed "reading" through this topic! :wink:
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    Every dad in this post is hot! And way to be awesome and be there for your kiddos
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    My hot husband:


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    Walley he reminds me of Mark Whalberg in that second pic....and Mark is man sexy if I must say
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    I love mark!
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    Wally, very hot husband!