Surfing in Costa Rica February 2014!!!

I competed in fitness competitions 10 years ago. Needing motivation to get back to that level of fitness before my trip to Costa Rica. I want to try to surf and that takes strength and endurance. Friend me and we'll keep eachother motivated!! :) Anyone out there who surfs and has some workout tips? It's getting cold here, so I'll have to workout indoors.


  • simonkurth
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    Hi there, fellow surfer here. Feel free to add me. Costa Rica sounds fun.
  • sophie_wr
    sophie_wr Posts: 194 Member
    I live in San diego so here everybody goes surfing at 7 am before work.
    It's very hard !!!!! I've tried tons of time since I moved here from France; with not to great results; and I'm a water girl though. You know; yoga is actually a very good workout to help for surfing, there is lots of shared movements !

    but costa rica dude ! that's gonna be awesome !
  • jaycbrf4
    The best workout for surfing is push ups and squats. Where in CR are you going to surf? I lived there for 3 years. Playa Jaco & Playa Hermosa were my favorite surfing spots.
  • DavePFJ
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