WEDDING...the final result!!



  • Thank you! :) It was a fun journey!! Worth it!
  • workout_ninja
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    bump to watch later
  • FitWarrior7
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    Awesome video, your videographer did a great job! And you look beautiful, as your groom mentioned. Makes me want to watch my wedding video again tonight. Thanks for the uplifting video for what probably would have been another boring day in corporate america.
  • Beautiful! I am new to fitness pal so that was awesome to see!!! :)
  • jessica182517
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    Wow!! That was beautiful :) You guys are so cute together, Congrats!!
  • determined2bfit13
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    Wow what a beautiful video! You looked amazing! Best of luck and Congratulations :)
    Thank you so much for sharing that (and making me cry at work LOL)
  • stacibuk
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    Loved the video. Congrats!!
  • nolanerinbryon
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    When I opened the video link, I wasn't expecting to see a recording of your gorgeous day in a city we share. I live very close to where you filmed (Calhoun)! You and your husband make a beautiful couple and you look SO happy. Congratulations on your fitness/health goals - you look beautiful!!! Your videographer did an amazing job as well :)
  • Yay! A fellow Minnesotan! Thank you for your encouragement! :) Our videographer was definitely amazing!! They were really able to capture the day. :)
  • KeepGoingKylene
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    Thank you for sharing!
  • This made me cry! You looked GORGEOUS and the video was very well done! Congratulation's to the both of you! :)
  • dakotababy
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    Wow. What an incredible video. Love how it was put together, whoever you got to do it did a very good job!
    Its also a nice keepsake for if you come on MFP to complain about your husband - you can just refer to the video! :D
  • Raw_Bean
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    What an amazing wedding video of a beautiful day! You can see the love and connection between you two. The friends and family to share in your special day - you all are so very blessed. I have to say, the video made me teary too!

    All the best!
  • Thank you all so much!! :) It was such a magical day!!!!
  • Mrs_Padgett
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    That was beautiful!
  • workout_ninja
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    you looked absolutely stunning! Got a little misty eyed!!! Congratulations x
  • PositiveBody
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    So beautiful...I have a lump in my throat. Blessings.
  • jennygeo1
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    So stunning and absolutely adorable! Well done and congratulations!
  • Loser_Girly
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    aww that video is beautiful. What a cute couple! :)
  • marciebrian
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    what an amazingly beautiful video and a treasure you and Justin will have for the rest of your lives. You were absolutely breathtaking. Mazel Tov ;-) have a happy wonderful life