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  • wink77
    wink77 Posts: 55 Member
    I LOVE Starbucks, probably a little too much. I'll take a Venti Skinny Cafe Mocha. :-) I'm going ot have to try the Peppermint one, yummo!
  • peleroja
    peleroja Posts: 3,979 Member
    Grande skinny cinnamon dolce latte. Or a venti three pump sugar free vanilla no room americano if I can't afford the 150 calories for a latte. Or if I want to spend calories on a marshmallow dream bar instead.

    In the summer, I sometimes have a tall java chip light frappucino as dessert.

    I will drink anything caffeinated, so I have no snotty attitude about Starbucks espresso. If it's the convenient option I'll happily take it, no artisan barista necessary.
  • Mr_Knight
    Mr_Knight Posts: 9,532 Member
    We're at Starbucks and I'm buying, what drink are you getting?

    Decaf Americano.
  • eblakes93
    eblakes93 Posts: 372 Member
    Tall Mocha, double espresso.

    Now that I'm paying attention to my macros, milk type and sugar-free versus not depend on what I have room for. :)
  • MzLaLa29
    MzLaLa29 Posts: 258 Member
    grande skim dirty vanilla chai pls :)
  • DawnieB1977
    DawnieB1977 Posts: 4,248 Member
    Skinny caramel macchiato, decaf (preggers!). That's the only drink I really like in Starbucks. In England we have Costa and Caffe Nero which are similar, but with better coffee.
  • RivenV
    RivenV Posts: 1,667 Member
    London Fog; no water, plskthx
  • kenyonl85
    kenyonl85 Posts: 217 Member
    Venti Iced Double Shot w/ nonfat milk and sugar-free cinnamon dolce.
  • Miss_Meliss86
    Miss_Meliss86 Posts: 372 Member
    Grande 1/2 sweet gingerbread soy extra hot no whip latte please.

    <---- former Starbucks barista....the WORST customers :laugh:
  • tmm_0127
    tmm_0127 Posts: 545 Member
    Tall skinny gingerbread latte, iced, no whipped cream plz k thnx
  • calliekitten9
    calliekitten9 Posts: 148 Member
    Tall Very Berry Hibiscus Tea.
  • silver_arrow3
    silver_arrow3 Posts: 1,373 Member
    Grande, soy, no water, chai or a caramel apple spice.

    Both of them taste like Christmas in a cup!
  • 86muffintop
    86muffintop Posts: 69 Member
    Grande 1/2 sweet gingerbread soy extra hot no whip latte please.

    <---- former Starbucks barista....the WORST customers :laugh:

    I'll bet Starbucks has the worst customers. People come up with crazy variations of their stuff- myself included. I often wonder how barista's keep on top of random orders everyday. My drinks are made wrong about 30% of the time... I just end up having a fit with myself in the car over it and giving the drink to my boyfriend.

    OP, I will take a grande in a venti iced triple skinny caramel macchiato, extra ice please. Thanks.
  • KeViN_v2pt0
    KeViN_v2pt0 Posts: 375 Member
    Verismo 600 Brewer Silver and a year supply of espresso pods please. Thank you
  • no2thdk
    Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte with Two pumps Chai.... YUM! Would be so good right now since its chilly outside.
  • simplyeater
    simplyeater Posts: 270 Member
    Venti Ethopia brew with a splash of soymilk (my morning fix)
  • mmm_drop
    mmm_drop Posts: 1,126 Member
    Grande Americano, iced, with room. (The room is for half and half and sugar in the raw.)
  • getitamb
    getitamb Posts: 2,019 Member
    Tazo passion tea with nothing in it
  • kelseymaccombs
    kelseymaccombs Posts: 61 Member
    Either a blonde roast coffee, black -or- if I have enough calories to spare for the day, a tall non fat white chocolate & peppermint latte. YUM.
  • amyisme
    Venti quad skinny vanilla please...and Thanks!