HOOOOW to make apple cider vinegar drinkable?

I've heard a lot of health benefits of apple cider vinegar but WOW does it taste awful. I tried mixing a few tbsps with a cup of water and plugging my nose to drink it but nearly vomited. I'm thinking of trying some tomorrow with water, lemon juice and splenda, but I'm not sure even that will be okay. Any suggestions? Preferably not juice or something because I want it as low cal as possible, thanks!


  • Alluminati
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    On salad.
  • brower47
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    Don't drink it. Those health benefits are HIGHLY overrated.

    If you insist on it, take it with a chaser of your favorite intensely flavorful beverage.
  • AllonsYtotheTardis
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    put it on french fries
  • AllTehBeers
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    Put it on Broccoli or make salad dressing.
  • ummommyme
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    the best way I found was to mix it with a juice, apple or fruit punch and a pinch of cinnamon. Then heat it in the microwave. Tastes like a strong apple cider. It's quite good actually.
  • Mr_Knight
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    I've heard a lot of health benefits of apple cider vinegar but WOW does it taste awful.

    Here's a general rule - if it tastes awful, you're not supposed to consume it like that!
  • curvygirly911
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    I'm so happy I stumbled upon this because I rarely go on the forums :) I hope I can be of some help as I drink ACV daily since I found out about it a few months ago. I have a large cup that's about 20 oz and I put in one tbsp of ACV in it. I buy Bragg's brand the one with the mother in it. Shake it really well every time you use it and always keep it refrigerated.
    I think it tastes bad because you are putting 3 tablespoons in a glass of water. I do ONE tbsp in 2.5 glasses of water. Have a lot of water and it completely dilutes it and you can't tell at all. For years I avoided this thinking I wouldn't be able to handle it but I am shocked at how easy it was. I am pretty sensitive to taste and won't eat anything spicy at all so if I can handle it then I think you should try my method. Start off with a tsp in 2.5 cups of water if you want first. I would advise you not to have more than 3 tbsp daily and again please remember that you should drink at least two cups of water per tbsp with it.

    I take one tbsp before my meals and it makes me fill up much faster. I have cut it down to having it only before my breakfast now because I end up not finishing my dinner otherwise.
    I also mix 1 part acv with 2 parts water and use it as a toner and my skin has gotten MUCH better.
    I drink this because it makes me fuller and it really helps with my fibromyalgia.
    Since I rarely read the boards, please feel free to PM me if you have any questions :)
  • mamasole22
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    Thank you for this suggestion! It was really helpful!!
  • mom2aeris
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    I drink it when I have a gallbladder attack because it helps ease the pain, and I mix it with apple juice. It's still nasty, but it's a LOT better.
  • Laurenloveswaffles
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    Flush it down the toilet and eat a pizza instead. At least the pizza won't make you feel like you just swallowed acid.
  • usmc_wife_va
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    my favorite way I in grapefruit juice! I use a 1c plain white grapefruit juice and add in almost 1tbsp but at least 1tsp of ACV in the glass. it's pretty tart but the juice is JUST sweet enough and I actually enjoy it this way, plus, the grapefruit juice helps me digest food better and has tons of Vit C! you can add some honey in for sweetness but I fid it doesn't need it.
  • simplydelish2
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    If it were really as beneficial as some reports say - don't you think everyone would drink it? Stop drinking it, substitute it for other vinegar in your cooking and let it go at that. I'm not sure it's even edible...period.
  • vrthor
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    Treat it like a shot of whiskey - toss it back. Works for me.
  • tibby531
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    I found adding it to WARM water (not hot, just warm) helped the taste when I tried it. but, I found that the only thing it did for me was help break up/dissolve all the fast food I was eating. ...I had less heartburn and tummyaches. other than that, I saw no changes.

    ETA: I've found that eating more fruits, veggies, and "real" food in general (as opposed to taco bell) has had the same affect.
  • buzybev
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    I'm planning on using some today for crockpot bbq chicken. I also use it to treat my cat's chin acne. I would never drink it straight.
  • neandermagnon
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    Don't drink it. Use it in cooking, e.g. salad dressings, adding it to sauces etc to add some zing, or sprinkle it on chips (french fries (I'm British I call them chips)). Mint sauce is vinegar based, that's another option (if you like traditional British roast dinner).

    Also, the health benefits are exaggerated. It doesn't help you to lose weight, because I use it all the time in cooking and on chips n stuff, and I still got obese.

    The main benefit of it is that it adds a lot of flavour without adding calories. So you can liven up boring salads and other dishes with it. But as much as I love the stuff, I can only drink it neat in tiny quantities at a time (and I only ever did that for dares) and I really wouldn't try to drink any significant quantity down.
  • sharonnj398
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    I add a shot of it to V8 juice when I'm in the mood.
  • skyekeeper
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    On salad.

    ^^This...I do it all the time and rarely use salad dressing anymore.