How do you overcome being embarrassed to workout outside?



  • So, that was awesome. And moved me to tears. I'm glad I spotted this thread, and thus this article, because I'm running tomorrow - and having a really hard time with the whole being-out-in-public-exercising-outside thing. This was exactly what I needed to hear. Hooah.
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    I've only recently started adding in intervals of jogging and very very short bits of helps that my neighborhood is 90% seniors and everyone stays in their homes most of the time ;-)

    But yeah, 5 years ago when I was at my heaviest and first started walking for health/fitness I was pretty self conscious even about being out there walking. I went after sundown, and within a few months I was comfortable enough to in daylight on main roads. It comes, the confidence.
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    Unless you are running naked or wearing clown shoes, any notice you draw will be passing at best. If anyone actually asks, just smile and respond, "Rule #1: Cardio".
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    You cant worrying about rude comments and/or people, just play your music loud and get in the zone. If that doesn't work, buy a treadmill. Either way, do what you feel is best for you. :smile:
  • WOW! You are all so freaking awesome and supportive! Thank you all so very much! This is why I love this community so much!
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    I think of it this way. When I see someone outside exercising what are my first thoughts? They aren't "OMG look at that fatty run!" or "haha look at how silly that person looks running" My thoughts are "I wish I could run uphill like that" or " Look at them go, getting healthy" etc. I think good things, because I see someone making an effort to be or get healthy. And I think most people think the same thing, or don't even care to give it a thought because so many people are so busy and in their own head space most of the time. You just have to not even think about it and go for what is best for you.
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    I know its hard, but you just have to forget about the other people and just do it. I feel nervous about telling people I work out, or whatever sometimes...because I always think they're thinking "oh right, i'm sure she does." because I'm so overweight...but I do and I love it and I don't care. I'm slowly becoming more open to the idea and have even posted a couple progress pics on instagram (not at facebook status yet but one day) and I workout and I do all of this for ME and I feel AMAZING because I do all of this stuff. I have started not to care what other people think because I'm starting to feel more awesome about how I feel. Its something you have to work on and of course I still have bad days but you know what, thats okay. Its AMAZING that you're running and you're taking control and you're doing something you love to do. Forget about anyone else, think about you. You'll have that runners high and thats all that matters, you'll feel and look great. We're all here for you, GO RUN!
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    Like what has been said, you just have to get started and go. People are usually so busy paying attention to their own issues they aren't really paying attention to anyone else. I used to jog by friends and when I mentioned it later, they'd tell me they didn't even remember seeing a runner.
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    I think it just happens. I use to run at odd times or bad weather to avoid people but the funny thing is by running at more popular times in popular placesnI see more runners and that they come in all ages, shapes and sizes. I now feel proud to be plodding along.
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    Trust me when I say that most people are far too mired in their own heads to pay that much attention to other people. Unless you get in their way or do something outrageous to draw attention to yourself they'll barely notice. It's a big deal to you and feels like you're the center of attention because you ARE... in your head. The only people who would think something nasty are the same ones who would be rude in other ways anyway. Other runners are just going to be cheering you on. So many of them have been where you are and know how you feel. Running buddies are great for taking your mind off other people, even if they have fur and 4 feet. When I started running again after my 2nd child was born I took our Golden Retreiver with me almost every time. He was so poorly trained that I spend most of my mental energy trying to think ahead of what he was going to get into so I could keep him under control that I didn't have enough left to worry about what others were thinking. I don't know if time and experience make it easier, but it does become more familiar and you start to care less.
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    Trust me I don't like it either, but you have to remember we are all doing it for the same reason, to get healthy!
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    You just have to do it. Don't worry about what people think of you, they probably feel the same. Did you ever see the episode of Friends when Pheobe and Rachel went running? Phoebe ran like a mad person, arms and legs in all directions, made it fun and was just carefree, and think how likely are you to see the same people again?!
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    I felt the same way when I started. I thought people must be judging this 230 lb girl out there at 5:30 am slowly running with her dog on my C25K days and walking with a quick pace on the others. But you know what, it's 5:30 in the morning and I'm OUT THERE DOING IT!! Who cares what they thiink. If they yell something, I can't hear it because I've got my music playing and I'm in the zone. For the few who probably are judging me, the rest of them are thinking, good for her! Maybe, just maybe, seeing you out there running, walking, biking, whatever you're doing, inspires someone else to "just do it" too! Keep going!
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  • what is embarassing about it? Be proud you are actually out there bettering yourself.