Who else loves to drink wine?



  • cmira5ol
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    I do. I have a glass or 2 with my dinner. At one point I was concerned if it would prevent me from getting abs.
  • sally_jeffswife
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    I love Wine especially Blackberry Merlot and other red wines. I try to avoid it as much as I can though cuz of watching calories but I will occasionally have a glass if I am cooking something with wine in it
  • I love it! My family is Italian and my Great Uncle has a private vineyard. I try to drink it on special occasions. I am also a lover of dark beers and microbrews, which are really bad if you're trying to lose weight. I also try to keep my alcohol consumption down to once a week to avoid all the added calories.
  • olehcat
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    Love wine! I have some almost every day! More on weekends, less during the week. During the week I stick to about 1 5-oz glass or sometimes none, if I have something going on in the evening. Some weekends, I could knock down a couple glasses! I like all wines that are dry (hate sweet wine), but I prefer red (merlots and pinot noirs and malbecs especially). As for whites, I do like a good pinot grigio, but I'm not too picky! :))
  • OllyReeves
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    Pinot Noir, Chianti, Cabernet Sauvignon (NEVER EVER Merlot)

    and why never ever merlot?
  • Topsking2010
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    Of course I love wine!!

    Every King loves wine!!


  • janatarnhem
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    Oh yes...I do too! I really love a glass of red wine ..or two!
  • colortheworld
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    I love wine! Or adult beverages in general. I don't log them, but I only drink once a week and usually only a couple drinks. I'm under my calories on most days so it doesn't really affect my weight loss.
  • Jmeisalive
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    I am a gin and soda kinda lady. 2 limes. Yerp.
  • mcibty
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    I'm participial.
  • Mahihkan
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    Love wine.

    I usually a red type of girl. My last discovery was Voga http://www.vogaitalia.com/english/index.html
    I didnt thought much of it until I tried it. :drinker:

    Seriously, I like a good ol'beer while watching hockey, etc.... but what's better than a nice glass of wine, low lights, in good compagny... why not a fireplace and nice music as well...
    OOops! fantasizing here lol :blushing: :laugh:
  • Marymoe138
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    I DEFINITELY enjoy a nice white Zinfandel or rose. I would love to be able to care for a red wine but I have not found one yet. I have cut myself off from wine until I get a little lower on the scale. At the time, special occasions only! Lord knows my weight probably came ALL from wine and not food!!
  • Smuterella
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    I love wine and lots of it but I've quit for a month to see if it helps me lose. It certainly makes it easier to stick to calories...
  • sklebar
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    2 or 3 glasses of red a day... I'm British and my other half is a fine dining chef. Still count calories for it, maintaining at a perfect weight and still look and feel fabulous, so why not? I eat well with everything else and have an occasional *kitten*, so live life and be happy!
  • SheridanLT
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    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! Chardonnay for me! Love a good, strong red but had to stop that do to migraines.

    But, I have basically cut drinking out ... sad....I miss it A LOT!!
  • Cortneyrenee04
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    ME!!!!! I haven't been drinking much lately with my change in diet. It was really hard at first because I'm used to having a BOTTLE instead of a glass or two.
  • lngrunert
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    I generally have 2-3 glasses most nights, sometimes more on the weekend. My personal favorite now are New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs, specifically from the Marlborough region. They can be had for as little as $9.99 a bottle USD in my area.

    One of the best things that tracking my food on MFP is that I have come to realize how many calories I was consuming form alcoholic beverages, and learning to be mindful of what I ate during the day in order to have those calories available in the evening. I would rather have a glass of wine than a candy bar or piece of cake, so instead of eating those things mindlessly just because they're there (I work in an office where people bring in a lot of snacks and baked goods), I resist and then I can have my grown up treat in the evening.