I've lost a gold brick, what have you lost?



  • chelseascounter
    chelseascounter Posts: 1,283 Member
    1 automobile tire and 2 guinea pigs
  • Melionfire
    Melionfire Posts: 395 Member
    A sperm whale brain!!
  • xxmarysmxx
    xxmarysmxx Posts: 199 Member
    a sperm whale's brain .. lol
  • narwhalpr
    narwhalpr Posts: 75 Member
    A bald eagle!!!!! This is fun! lol
  • kmwrestle
    kmwrestle Posts: 33 Member
    the complete Oxford English Dictionary and 10 dozen large eggs
  • DeeDeeMee
    DeeDeeMee Posts: 133 Member
    Somewhere between a tire and a year's worth of pizza!

  • CMB1979
    CMB1979 Posts: 588 Member
    I've almost lost a newborn calf. Wow!
  • ronrstaats
    ronrstaats Posts: 294 Member
    235 pounds = Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Hasta la vista, baby
  • Katla49
    Katla49 Posts: 9,905 Member
    All the fats and oils the average American eats in a year. GAG.:sick:
  • kdhamner
    kdhamner Posts: 309 Member
    I have lost between an elephants heart and a small bale of hay!!
  • Ejourneys
    Ejourneys Posts: 1,603 Member
    I set free 2 bald eagles (=24 lbs), 1 housecat (=11 lbs), 2 Chihuahuas (=10 lbs), and 4.5 Guinea pigs (=4.5 lbs). They were really making a racket in the house. Total: 49.5 lbs.

    I've got 1.5 Guinea pigs left to get to goal. That half a Guinea pig looks pretty sad, so instead I'll say an average female pet rat (which weighs from half to almost 3/4 lb. according to petsource.org).

    Am looking forward to the day when I don't have to keep cleaning out the cage. ;-)
  • the Worlds Largest Ball of Tape
  • Grenon
    Grenon Posts: 228 Member
    About 90 Guinea Pigs!
  • SmileCozYouCan
    SmileCozYouCan Posts: 315 Member
    A human skin and a guinea pig!!
  • Nikoruo
    Nikoruo Posts: 771 Member
    coming up to a new born calf
  • FJcntdwn2sknyluv
    FJcntdwn2sknyluv Posts: 723 Member
    Trash in a month! :)
  • I've lost a bald eagle and a human head thus far. Still need to lose two sperm whale brains and a chihuahua, though.

    I'm wondering when people are going to notice all these random organs and thermoregulating animals have gone missing.
  • SmangeDiggs
    SmangeDiggs Posts: 238 Member
    A baby elephants penis!
  • UltimateMedu
    UltimateMedu Posts: 46 Member
    Since 2010 I've lost the amount of pizza an average american eats in a year, and I'd like to lose a mid sized microwave! lol
  • sweet10lana
    sweet10lana Posts: 4 Member
    chemical additives an American consumes each year !!!!!!!!??????