A year with beachbody

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I'll try to keep the story to a minimum, but I'm just so pleased with myself that it's really hard not to gush. This time last year I was just shy of 200 lbs - as a 5'5" woman in my upper teens, that was the opposite of cool. I'd "done" P90X and its predecessor P90 (meaning I'd done half of each program! Never finished.) ...I was bad at sticking with it, so I never saw any really incredible results.

Then beachbody had a black friday/cyber monday sale, in which turbofire was reduced down to something ridiculous like $60. Whaaat, $60!? I jumped on that, fast. And I think that is probably one of the best decisions I've ever made, even if it was an impulse buy (see: impulse buys not always bad)

When I look back, starting turbofire was the real turning point in my fitness life. Turbofire was the first program that really engaged me, and made me have fun working out. Don't get me wrong, Tony is a hoot - and I love his style of motivation, which is telling you to do your best and forget the rest. But the way Chalene always told me to work harder, jump higher, strive to just.. just DO.. I loved it. I also loved the schedule - I never knew what workout I had the next day; it was like opening a new present every day.

When I finished TF I just kind of created my own workout regime; I started running, I did a mix of whatever workouts I felt like doing - which included a lot of HIITs, P90X yoga (which is my FAVORITE - ya'll who hate it are weird but I understand you), and running. Over the next months, I lost another 13 pounds, on top of the 7 I lost with turbofire.

Over the summer I started counting my calories, using mfp - the mobile app was instrumental in my progress. I entered hyperdrive for the summer, and went down another 15 lbs. This is combined with starting T25 in the middle of that.

While I've had a few speed bumps since class started in August, I'm finally getting back on track - about the same year that I got on the track to begin with. I'm excited to lose the last 15 lbs I have to my goal.

TL;DR: Turbofire lead to running lead to eating right lead to T25 lead to me losing 33 pounds over the course of a year








Am I done? No. Right now I weigh in at 164, and my goal is to be down in the 140-150 range. If I don't make it there, am I totally content with my body as it is right now? YESSSSS!!! :drinker:


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    Aaaand the pictures are all too big. Should have that fixed in a few minutes; if you want to view the pictures as they're intended, right click and hit the "open image in new tab" button for now... Sorry!

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    Wow great success you have done so well,very inspiring love your work you must be very proud with that,now im gona have unstoppable motivation thanx for sharing your story its not easy all the best on your further journey..
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    Great attitude lady!
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    congrats!! Love the after pics. great motivation
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    Thanks guys! :D I'm glad that I could motivate other people; this site is so great for that!
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    Amazing! Congrats!
  • Grwat transformation :)
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    It was pretty adorable that you added a "TL;DR" section at the end. :smile:
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    :smile: :drinker: Well done, you have done brilliantly and look amazing for doing it too!
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    Beachbody or TF didn't do it. You did lady! I read a commitment to an exercise regimen, with an emphasis on staying focused on overall fitness, not just one particular routine. I read making a commitment to understanding and managing what you put into your body as well as what you are burning through exercise. It also appears that includes a commitment to healthier eating practices. See where I'm going here? You've got focus and commitment. Props to someone on a DVD who maybe lit a match, but you're the torch. Great work!!
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    SO INSPIRATIONAL ♥ you look great!!
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    Well done you. Good to see it does work.
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    Congratulations!! So so awesome!
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    Congratulations! I hope I have such great progress to report when I hit my 1 year. Keep up the great work and being an inspiration to others. No doubt you will accomplish your next goals!
  • Way to go! You look great!! I love Beachbody, I have done Turbo Fire, Chalean Extreme and T25, can't wait for P90X3 to come out!
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    Congratulations!!! You SHOULD be proud!!! You look awesome and so healthy. Keep it up!!!
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    That is awesome! Congrats on your success!
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    Congrats...you look great!!!
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    way to go! You look great and I can tell you feel great as well =]
  • Awesome job taking control of your health and fitness! I also LOVE the bb programs. On Gamma phase of T25 :)