Ladies 5'2''-5'4'' what is your goal weight?



  • mccluskeybl
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    I'm 5'1 and from what I read, 130 is the top of my healthy range. That's my goal. I have about 8 lbs. to go. I also read that these will be the hardest to lose. I'm feeling great though!
  • I'm 5'3" (and 1/2) and the lowest I've weighed recently is 117. With my age, metabolism, etc. It's difficult for me to maintain that weight and I've put on about 4 pounds. I'm trying to get under 120 again. In order to do that, my net calorie intake is supposed to be slightly above starvation level, which is not exactly fun!
  • What a great, motivating question! I'm 5'3, 30 y/o, and I've recently reached my goal weight of 128 lbs - which happens to be my lowest weight since puberty! I love this weight because I can try on most cloths (excluding swimwear) and not worry about bulges. Getting dressed and going shopping have become stress-free! I've maintained for 3 months now by following the portion size habits I learned while dieting.

    My last few lbs: I stopped entering my daily exercise (which seemed to justify an unnecessary snack).

    Good luck on your last few!
  • quellybelly
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    I'm 5'3" and although it would be great to see 125 on the scale, I'm more focused on dropping my body fat percentage down to 20-22%
  • FlabFighter86
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    I'm 5ft 2. Goal weight is 134. Short term goal is to get out of the 200's.
  • I am an inch taller lol 5'5 but my goal weight is 135 I can't decide if I want to be 135 or 130 but my lowest was 140 and right now I am about 150
  • I'm about 5'4" (or just under) and my goal weight is 125 lbs (I was 125.6 this morning, so pretty similar to what I'm currently sitting at).

    For my wedding this summer, I got down to 120 lbs and that was my lowest adult weight (even lighter than I ever was in senior high school). I got a running injury right around my wedding, and so rapidly gained weight back over the last couple of months, getting up to 130. Now my goal is 125 as I actually prefer the extra 5 lbs on my frame. At 120, my muscle mass was depleted so I felt like I lacked strength and power, AND I lost my boobs!
  • epigirrl
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    I am 5'3-ish. Highest weight 170 (when pregnant 20 years ago); lowest adult weight ever was when battling an eating disorder, so it does not count; lowest adult weight when reasonably healthy 115.

    I am honestly not sure what my "goal weight" is or should be. Aiming generally for 130, but I am actually more interested in body composition (lower body fat) and feeling fit.
  • I'm 5'2" and currently weight 114. My goal is 107.

    Lowest adult weight was 98 pounds (excessive dieting...yikes!). Most of my adult life (20 - 44 years old), I've hovered in the 105-110 range.
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  • kayl3igh88
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    I'm 5'4" and my goal is wherever I find I'm happiest. The number doesn't matter. :flowerforyou:
  • Sarahegn
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    I am presently around the 260 mark and I am 5'5 ish so at this point my goal is 180 and will reassess from there...
  • I'm 5'3" and have struggled with my weight for years. I have six kids and it seems that when I started making progress I would get pregnant again. Now that I am pretty sure our family is complete I want to loose that weight. My goal is 140lbs. It is hard for me to find time to work out. Well other than house work! lol I am hoping to truly be diligent and reach my goal:)
  • lambchristie
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    I started out at 220, current weight is 166.4 (YIPEE)

    Current goal weight is 155; but may go to the 145-150 range so there is a little give/take.

    It really depends on how I feel once I reach the original goal weight.
  • stephcbms
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    I'm 5"3, first goal was 140 lbs, decided I needed to go lower, 130 new goal, a couple pounds from that now. I will probably end up some where between 120-125. My lowest in my adult life around 100; to small for me, was working too much then. lol stress. But I don't look at the no# to much, for me it's all about how I look and feel, never the no#, it's just a guide line for me. :)
  • Kasmira0004
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    I'm 5'3.5" and I think my goal is somewhere in the 130s? I don't know anymore. I'm currently 141 and feel great so I go more by that than anything. My lowest adult weight was 120 before having babies. That was good for me then because I was lean and in the Army, but now that I'm a mom I feel like where I'm at right now is acceptable. Never thought I'd feel comfortable at 141lbs!
  • laura0770
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    5'2 lowest weight as adult 119-125 pounds.Goal weight is 125 pounds.:happy:
  • FP4HSharon
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    I'm 53, 5'4", was shooting for 115 (a couple of pounds more than when I was young & didn't have to worry about my weight), but I started working out more regularly & my body fat percentage (currently 15.5%) continued to drop as my weight stayed at 125. So I'm not really worrying about my weight, as long as my body fat percentage stays at a good level. I think I'm just picking up muscle weight. Even though I'm not losing weight, just body fat, people are still commenting on how much weight I'm losing.
  • My goal weight is 150 pd. I weight is 168, so I got some to go. I had lose ten but gain seven back...
  • maryjaquiss
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    I'm 5'3, currently 139.8 so JUST into healthy weight range, and my goal weight is 126. My lowest ever weight has been 112 but I looked ill at that weight! (ETA I was also only about 18 at that point)