doctors ordered no exercise lose 5kg before christmas HELP!



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    i need some help. ive been on bed rest for the past 3 days (looking forward to another few days) because of my hip/pelvis/back. doctor wants me to lose 5kgs at least before christmas to help ease the strain.

    i CANNOT do any form of exercise because now i have my walking cane pretty much attached to me. i can do sitting weights and things like the elderly do (calestetics? spelling??) but no swimming, no walking, no situps or pushups and no weight bearing exercise.


    besides a shake diet, i have zero idea on what to do. *im allergic to most fruit and veg so please dont say SALAD because that will render me hospitalised unless you have a spinach recipe :(:(:( *

    I'm sorry for your situation. I hope you feel better soon.

    However, your doctor gave you an "assignment" but did not direct you to a professional to help you out?

    How can you be allergic to most fruits and vegetables? I've heard of allergic to maybe strawberries, but most except spinach? :smile:

    As for exercise, get those cans of beans (or whatever), sit down, and do that weightlifting. Do some punches, as someone else suggested. Just keep yourself moving with the parts that are allowed to move right now.

    I hope things improve for you soon.
  • Shakes contain fruits and veggies. That how they infuse the vitamins. How do you know your allergic to them? I've heard strawberry a but not lettuce or squash ect. Have you been tested for food allergies and been told that?
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    I lost over 90 pounds before I even began to walk.
    If you are allegic to most fruits and vegetables, you are pretty much confined to lean protein and low fat dairy.
    I think you should contact your doctor and ask him/her what he/she suggests for your diet.
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    Lots of folks on here (myself included) have lost weight with little or no exercise, just eating at a calorie deficit. However given that your doctor has given you a rather tall order for that much weight loss in such a short amount of time I agree with those that suggest you consult a dietician.
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    I don't see how going from 85-80kgs is going to make a lot of difference to back strain. Of course, getting to a healthy weight will but 5 kgs?
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    I don't see how going from 85-80kgs is going to make a lot of difference to back strain. Of course, getting to a healthy weight will but 5 kgs?
    Who said 5kg is the end? It's the start.
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    For an interim goal it makes sense, of course, but 'lose 5 kgs by Christmas to relieve strain' sounds fishy.
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    What's your current height? Unless you're extremely short 80kg/176 lbs isn't *that* overweight to warrant a 1kg/2lb a week weight loss. And 5 kg is a lot to lose by Christmas if you're on bed rest and not really overweight. Here's a guideline for weight loss per week
    Here is a great guideline for setting weekly weight loss goals:
    If you have 75+ lbs to lose 2 lbs/week is ideal,
    If you have 40-75 lbs to lose 1.5 lbs/week is ideal,
    If you have 25-40 lbs to lose 1 lbs/week is ideal,
    If you have 15 -25 lbs to lose 0.5 to 1.0 lbs/week is ideal, and
    If you have less than 15 lbs to lose 0.5 lbs/week is ideal.

    It looks like you should be losing about 1 lb a week (.5 kg). Diet wise I don't care for many fruits and veggies (yes, I'm working on it) so I recommend high fiber and protein foods to fill you up. I like Fiber One (especially chewy oats and chocolate) and Vitamuffins as a little snack. Ask for low calorie, high protein/fiber snacks/meals in the food section, they'll probably be very helpful. In the meantime, you will just have to carefully measure everything and watch your calories.

    As for exercise, you said you can't do a lot, so I would recommend some small hand weights, if they don't bother you, just to get some movement into your day. Would you be able to do a table top hand pedaler, like this ? My grandma used one to try and keep her strength up, and she had some back problems.
  • For an interim goal it makes sense, of course, but 'lose 5 kgs by Christmas to relieve strain' sounds fishy.

    It's not. Weight puts a lot of strain in the lower back it's a feasible request to help lessen the majority of the pain. You lower back bares the brunt of your weight when sitting. So to decrees pressure they say to loose weight. 5kg = 2 lbs roughly. So asked for 10 lbs roughly. Which is not hard. That is something as water retention in which not eating salty foods can help with that. And then maintains healthy eating.
  • you aren't talking about a lifetime of no exercise, right? so you can't exercise for a week or two? weight loss happens in the kitchen anyway, just figure out your sedentary cal intake per day and stick to it. it doesn't have to mean shakes - just have lean proteins (chicken, leaner cuts of meat), lower fat cottage cheese, eggs) with whatever vegetables and fruit you CAN have, and a bit of carbs. maybe if you tell us what you CAN eat it will be easier tohelp you.


    You may be unable to control your amount and level of exercise currently, but you can control what and how much you eat. Start there. Stop drinking your calories if you are currently, drink more water, and focus of foods that are nutritionally dense as often as you can. Believe me, even those changes will make a difference. I lost 5lbs from diet alone the first 3ish weeks and I wasn't starving myself (FAR from it) or really even trying as hard as I could.

    As for exercise. Even doing small things like stretching, modified yoga/Pilates, and modified calisthenics will help. Try to find things very low impact that can help build muscle, such as lifting 3-5 lbs weights while sitting on the couch. Or knee extensions while sitting. Even using your own body weight can be more than sufficient during a work out. The important thing is to move in a way that does not hurt you.
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    I lost over 90 pounds before I even began to walk.

    That's awesome.
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    My mother had knee issues for the longest time where she had to sit for working out. There are some easy chair routines you might be able to do. I found these for her.

    There are other ways to workout than standing up doing stuff. :) Hope it helps.
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    i think my issue may be portion control so ive got my little bowl out and if it doesnt fit in there, i know im over eating (its a trick my OLD nutrionist taught me). the ordered is because in the last month, ive slowly and steadily lost the ability to move my left leg. i could walk before but now i cant even swing it without issues. i dont have access to a pool (i live in the bush) so thats out. i cant walk so thats out. doctors have said that i have a lot of inflammation due to a muscle issue and a bone growth in my hip and pelvis so the movement of normal walking grabs on that bone growth and trashes the muscle fascia.

    my allergies are lettuce, califlower, chinese veg, brocolli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, melon, strawberries, kiwi fruit, oranges, onions, all beans, eschallots, garlic. if you google cruciferous vegetables and anything in the brassica family- cant eat it. garlic WILL kill me.

    i rarely order take out and when i do, its maybe once a month- once every two months is more realistic.

    im 165cm and currently 80kg.

    thankyou for those links to chair workouts, i will look into them! i used to be really fit and this whole sedentary thing isnt going well for me.

    my doctor may have thought i was still seeing my old nutrionist, who moved away so im on the hunt for a new one. ive got some smaller hand weights and i will start with those and move up in size. just need to get the heart working again! thanks all for your help! now i know where to start and i can stop freaking out! i willl try my hardest to get close to the target weight loss but i will do it in a safe and healthy way. if i dont make it there, well.... the doctor can deal with it!
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    Low carb high fat helped me by eliminating a lot of my pain (cutting way back on processed foods) and I've lost a good 15 lbs. Without exercise. Check out these groups on mfp:. Keto, reddit keto, low carb high fat forum.....a lot of people disagree about eliminating carbs but it's helped with my pain......that's a big deal to me !!!!!!!!! (Not mention killed my sweet tooth) I wish you luck and hope you feel better :flowerforyou:

    EXACTLY this.

    After six weeks of the LCHF diet I have more energy, more patience, more focus, and 7 fewer kg. I don't crave food during the day and I sleep better. I have seen zero ill effects and tons of positive.

    Consider it.