What is your waist measurment...



  • aafoo
    aafoo Posts: 501 Member
    Well I am at 36... started from 37.5 a month back... want to reach to 32.
  • Derf_Smeggle
    Derf_Smeggle Posts: 611 Member
    Didn't think to get my measurements when I started at 215#. Took measurements just over 2 weeks ago at 198# and was at 40" waist. Waist was down to 39" today.

    Goal is 34".
  • DollyMiel
    DollyMiel Posts: 377 Member

    hips are a gigantic 44" though :c
  • Lyadeia
    Lyadeia Posts: 4,603 Member
    Mine varies during the month depending on hydration and hormones, but it's typically between 27-29". My goal is to have it fluctuate between 24-26" (because my hormones will always cause a flux, I'm not looking for a steady "all the time" measurement).

    For reference, I am 5'5" tall. If I were taller, I'd be pleased with my waist measurement. If I were shorter, I may be aiming for something even smaller.
  • alisonlynn1976
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    Mine is 30" now. It was 39" at my largest. I would like to get it to 26" or so.
  • soldiergrl_101
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    and what are your goals to get it at?

    To measure your waistline, use a measuring tape around your middle at the level of your navel.

    36" :(
  • SwitzEngine
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    was 38" and now I am 34. I would like to loose 1 more inch. This would be perfect for a 6.0 guy
  • Mines 24, I'm tiny it could probably be 23 but I'm fine the way I am :)
  • misschoppo
    misschoppo Posts: 463 Member
    24.5inches :smile:
  • gabrielleelliott90
    gabrielleelliott90 Posts: 854 Member
    I've no idea. Probably around the 30 mark. I need to measure it.
  • Shrinkmeslowly
    Shrinkmeslowly Posts: 42 Member
    27, it was bigger but it seems to have tapped out at this number! which i'm fine with.
  • SugarBaby71
    SugarBaby71 Posts: 3,630 Member
    I'm not saying what it is, but I'd like to lose another 10 inches. Lost 6 so far.
  • inferiormeatsack
    inferiormeatsack Posts: 28 Member
    29, but being an hour glass figure it will easily be 23 by the time my hips have caught up.
  • alyssa92982
    alyssa92982 Posts: 1,093 Member
    27.5 in
  • murf19
    murf19 Posts: 453 Member
    When I started P90X I was a 36 inch waist. Today I'm a 31! I weighed 178 and today 150. I feel great too. I'm only 5'5, 49 years old (short guy)
  • HawtinPhoenix
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  • keltoi93
    keltoi93 Posts: 51 Member
    Started at 42" down to 34" now, 30/32" would be the goal.
  • TattedInStilettos
    TattedInStilettos Posts: 332 Member
    Right now 38
    Pushing for 30
  • cannibaldoll
    cannibaldoll Posts: 50 Member
    32" at my highest weight, now 26", would like to get to 24" ideally.
  • sydneyplainjane
    sydneyplainjane Posts: 140 Member
    Well, mine is about 41 inches...measuring at the narrowest point, which is above my belly button (even when my doctor measures, that's where she measures it). When I started MFP in August, it was about 44 inches.

    Right now, my goal is to just get in the 30's, but would like to end up in the 20's.