Whats you best diet?



  • Rocbola
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    The best diet is a sustainable one, that you enjoy, that leaves you feeling energetic, clear headed, resistant to disease and is inexpensive.

    There is no name for it. I just call it a "fruit and vegetable based diet"
  • ClementineGeorg
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    I eat whatever I want, as long it fits in my calories goals, like many people here.
    I try to eat the food that satisfies my hunger and my cravings. It's a lifestyle.
    I do this for a year and 3 months and I could go like this forever.

    Well, I do try to have a balanced diet... like having my veggies daily (but I like some veggies a lot so it is not hard), but I don't care about carbs, fats and so on. And I still eat bad food from time to time (again, if it fits in the calories).

    And based on my medical exams, I am healthy as I can be.
  • SmartAlec03211988
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    I'm on the 1 poptart a day diet.

    It's where I eat a poptart every day. In addition to everything else. At a calorie deficit.
  • As everyone else has said, just calories. However, there are different ways of reducing calories. I look at my weekly deficit instead of day by day. In the past I've had success losing weight by consistently reducing 500 cals each day, but lately I'm much happier having just a few lower calorie days a week. For this reason I like the 5:2 diet (500 cals twice a week,) or just calorie cycling in my own way. Next week I plan to have 1000 calories 3/7 days, then my usual 2000 the other 4 days. Obviously 1000 is a low number that can't be sustained long term, but with calorie cycling you balance it out. I'm fine losing a little less than a pound a week at this point so I just do the math and then boom. I can also sustain this way of eating for the rest of my life, as I've come to enjoy those really low calorie days, and the occasional complete fast. Just my two cents!
  • AlongCame_Molly
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    The best way is to eat things you like at a calorie deficit.
    It's as simple as that.

    Calories in vs calories out.

    Exactly this. Stop looking for "diets."

    This is a whole lot easier to stick to, and that's what it's gonna take.

    JUST IN CASE you didn't get it the first two times.... ^^ thiss!:wink:
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    I think everyone is a little different and we all have to find a way of eating that is sustainable for us.
    I am still navigating and learning. Doing Weight Watchers which really allows me to eat everything in moderation similar to calorie counting, but I count points. But I also lean towards more whole foods, fresh fruits and veggies and more vegan options though I do eat some meat and some fish once in a while.
    On another note, here is another video clip that I have found very interesting. From a physician who also researches the phenomenon of obesity: A TED talk I have stumbled across, very moving and in my opinion very interesting. Just some food for thought.
    edited to add the link.
  • nytrifisoul
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    I like to eat a large dinner no matter how many meals i have had earlier in the day. The best diet for me was when i started skipping breakfast and even lunch sometimes. This allowed me to stay within my calorie deficit and have a nice large dinner and a small late night snack. Some people say they cant sleep if they eat before bed, I cant sleep if i feel hungry. Cant wait till thanksgiving, gonna have two plates full of everything plus dessert. Im sure i will end up falling asleep watching the game and sleep like a baby.