Girls wanting to lose 50-100 pounds / 20-45kg



  • I need to lose at least 50 pounds, build up my upper strength, and do a lot before I even think of joining the coast guard. I'm Katrina. Coastguardhereicome is my username. I just started my weightloss plan today
  • Alaarie
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    Add please! I've got about 50-60 pounds to go. User Name: Alaarie

  • Maribabewhich
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    Hi I would love to join maribabewhich is my username
  • rsnassimi
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    Hi there :)
    I'm 16 pounds down with 44 more to go, I would love to join in on this group!
    Username is rsnassimi
  • xoch8402
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    I definitely want to join!

  • Hola!!

    I've got about 45 lbs to lose.. I had a baby last November and gained about 60 lbs during the pregnancy. I've lost about 50 lbs of that weight, but I'm trying to reach a certain goal. Can't wait to get started. Username: A_Roqky
  • Sunsama
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    Username: Sunsama

    I have about 75 pounds to lose
  • twinsmom03
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    Hi, my username is twinsmom03. I have lost 52 lbs and I have 50-80 more lbs to lose. Would love to be in your group :)
  • Hi StephOverly11 here I want to lose 75 lbs. I have lost 6 so far... I would love to join this group.
  • Count me in.. I have about 75lbs-80lbs to lose.

    Username: lkniebuehler

    Looking forward to chatting with people with similar challenges!
  • CheeksBryant
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    have lost 73 lbs, goal is 27 away...but would like to add 30 more lbs to that technically final goal is 57 off...i'd like to join
  • Hey, my name is Lisa. I am a mother of a beautiful 1yr old girl. I lost 25 lbs then gained 90 lbs during pregnancy. I have lost all confidence and looking for some motivation/support/assistance. Since I am trying to lose 60 lbs, this seems like the group for me:]
    My appropriately named username is LoseSomeGainSome.
  • Hello would love to join would like to lose 60 pounds. username lstruthers1976
  • ambarr82
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    Hi my name is Amanda. I have about 91 lbs to lose. My user name is ambarr82. I would like to join the group. I have been a member of My Fitness Pal for a while but lost motivation. I'm back and would love the support. Thanks.
  • haleybug89
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    I would love to join. I just started MFP and I am looking to loose at least 75lbs. My username is haleybug89.
  • Chibi2Chula
    Hey girls! We are an accountability group for girls with larger amounts of weight to loose! Complete with monthly photos, weigh ins and measurements. We try and give encouragement when we fall off the bandwagon.

    As a group we have lost over 200 pounds so far and we keep loosing!

    If you are a girl and have 50-100 pounds / 20-45kg to lose we'd love to have you!

    If you would like to join us please reply with your full username somewhere in the post so I don't have to go searching for it, and I'll add you. :) No friend requests at the moment thanks, I prefer to get to know you in the group first!

  • Hi, I'm new to myfitnesspal. My username is "nayube86" and I'm looking to lose about 30kg. I want to learn more about choosing better food and balancing meals.
  • leslturn8
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    Hi I have to lose 60lbs my name is Lesley, user name is leslturn8
  • nilesian
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    Hi my name is Elin and I'm fairly new to MFP. My username is nilesian :smile:
  • I'd love to join. I'm trying to lose 50 pounds right now. (25kg, roughly)... My username is tokyoshorty. I've just started my journey, so this is the perfect timing!