Are most of ur friends the same size as u?



  • TheSlorax
    TheSlorax Posts: 2,401 Member
    I don't have any friends...
  • DMZ_1
    DMZ_1 Posts: 2,889 Member
    Most of my friends who are local to me are similar to me in levels of fitness.
  • JamericanBoy
    JamericanBoy Posts: 484 Member
    Not any more. I got big. Well on the way to reversing that trend now,:wink:
  • IanBee93
    IanBee93 Posts: 237
    My friends all have the same body. I don't really know many overweighters.
  • seltzermint555
    seltzermint555 Posts: 10,742 Member
    Now I'm like a super model in comparison.

    You sound so sweet.

  • mamabisme
    mamabisme Posts: 59 Member
    I have friends in a variety of sizes but in my main "core group" of friends, they are all super fit and healthy. At a size 8 I am still the biggest one but not by much. I'll fit right in, at goal!
  • Mr_Excitement
    Mr_Excitement Posts: 833 Member
    Not really. They're all over the place. Some are very skinny, others are on the edge of morbid obesity. I don't really know any gym rats, though, now that I think of it.
  • lil_lizt
    lil_lizt Posts: 275 Member
    All of my friends are male lol. Some are bigger and some are smaller. I'm fact, I'm about the same weight as my best friend and he's 6' tall!
  • suziepoo1984
    suziepoo1984 Posts: 915 Member
    To be honest...I haven't compared.