Something YOU Eat Every Day



  • MileHighFitness
    MileHighFitness Posts: 2,298 Member
    Protein shake
  • pepitas for anxiety - they have a crazy amount of magnesium to help keep my anxiety at bay
    Green smoothie - cause they are full of vitamins and nutrients and taste delish!
  • Coffee!
  • ibleedunionblue
    ibleedunionblue Posts: 324 Member
    Cellucor protein everyday for breakfast.
  • allaboutthecake
    allaboutthecake Posts: 1,530 Member
    Butter :love: :love:
    hot cocoa made with real milk :love:
    blueberries :love:

    most days, pancakes too.:love:
  • shaynepoole
    shaynepoole Posts: 493 Member
    eggbeaters and coffee :)
  • alechua
    alechua Posts: 224 Member
    pears and oats and rice. :)
  • mcgeorge5
    mcgeorge5 Posts: 92 Member
    Nature Valley Protein peanut butter and dark chocolate bar.
    Unsweet tea, (no fake sweeteners)
    Granny Smith Apple
  • ILoveBreakfast671
    ILoveBreakfast671 Posts: 76 Member
    Chicken, Rice, Mexican Blend Cheese, Salsa, Valentina Hot Sauce.

    Every day, since July.
  • NGFive
    NGFive Posts: 125 Member
    Coffee in the morning and chocolate in the evening
  • xilka
    xilka Posts: 308 Member
    corn tortillas


    onion and garlic

    beer (well, that's a drink)

    broccoli (almost every day)
  • LaLa482
    LaLa482 Posts: 82 Member
    Water...... I get bored with food way too easily to eat the same old things every day. Life is too short!

    This. I need variety!
  • TravelDog14
    TravelDog14 Posts: 317 Member
    All mixed together: Greek Gods nonfat plain yogurt /cottage cheese / Nature's Path smart bran cereal.
  • 99clmsntgr
    99clmsntgr Posts: 777 Member
    Breakfast is always 2 eggs scrambled with diced green pepper, mushrooms, sriracha on some kind of toast.

    Morning snack always includes a banana.

    Afternoon snack always includes an apple and some kind of greek yogurt.

    Evening snack is usually a scoop of protein powder, a bit more than a splash of almond milk and cereal mixed in.

    Oh, yeah, and coffee too. Every day.

    And we do pancakes once a week.
  • Coffee, apple pie yogurt with granola. :)
  • CharRicho
    CharRicho Posts: 389 Member
    Peanut butter

    and coffee. But not together.
  • multrigrain english muffin
    Jamie Eason pumpkin protein bread
  • Elafacwen
    Elafacwen Posts: 44 Member
    I always go months on end eating the same thing for breakfast, then I will randomly get a wild hair and decide to try something new.
    For six months I only ate Kashi waffles with peanut butter. Now I only eat oatmeal.
  • Diary_Queen
    Diary_Queen Posts: 1,314 Member
    Every day - kroger carbmaster yogurt, whole natural almonds, 11 lowfat animal crackers w hot peach tea & 2 stevia packets and a 90 Cal fiber one bar.

    Nearly every day - steamed kale w lemon juice or red wine vinegar, Yukon gold or sweet potatoes, avocado, romaine lettuce, whole frozen strawberries, zucchini, mushrooms steamed in fat free unsalted chicken stock
  • missyjane824
    missyjane824 Posts: 1,199 Member

    sharp cheddar
    etc, etc, etc