feeling hopless

i just too a pic this morning to compare my process since last month and my belly looks bigger! I feel like giving up. today is so not my day

1 month ago



  • cmriverside
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    I didn't look at your pictures, but if you are tired of failing, quit giving up.

    Take some measurements with a tape measure. Pics aren't the only way to track.
  • AlongCame_Molly
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    Pic #2 looks smaller to me.

    Are you taking measurements?
  • jwdieter
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    I was kinda hoping for and dreading a beer joke.

    The pics are different angles and lighting, so no idea on that. Measurements are good.
  • Pic #2 looks smaller to me.

    Are you taking measurements?

    no i havent taken any measurements. ive only been doing this by pics
  • cmriverside
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    bah ha jw. I had to restrain myself on that title.
  • Don't give up the goal just because the plan isn't working. Fix the plan.
  • aprilellis75
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    Definitely measure. But I think the "bump" on pic 1 is more defined.

    Meaning pic 2 looks smaller to me. Not by heaps but still smaller.
  • erulasse
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    Your entire form looks smaller to me. Sometimes specific parts look bigger, because the rest of you has gotten smaller in comparison.
  • F00LofaT00K
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    It looks smaller to me... if you compare it to the rest of your body it looks smaller. It's a bit further out than your breasts in the first one and definitely not as far out in the second one.
  • nikilis
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    don't get discouraged, it takes more than a month to see big results. just keep going. don't turn all your good work from a positive into a negative because you have unrealistic expectations.

    just let it happen when it happens.
  • nikilis
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    1 month ago

  • Yanicka1
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    Unless you got fat in a month, you won't get fit in a month.
  • twinsmom03
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    Hard to see photo 2...it is darker and further away. You are also wearing different pants. Try wearing the same thing. Measurements will help. Don't give up!!!
  • Don't let your inner dialog get you down, we can be very cruel to ourselves! Pictures can be very deceiving! How are your clothes fitting? Have you done measurements? Also, are you working a plan that you feel you can do for the rest of your life? Picture yourself in 4 different occasion (Birthday party, wedding reception, cocktail hour....) and see if you can engage in all of them without having to white knuckle it through the event. Might be that the plan you are working, isn't working for you. This can lead to binge eating.....Sorry your feeling this way! What plan are you working right now? Also, BMR's on most all sights are a joke, way too many calories to consistently lose.....Trust me, you are NOT alone and NOT the only person that feels your "different" and just can't lose the weight! The plan your working is failing you, you CAN lose the weight with the right program, trust me.......been there!!
  • kgreenRDLDN
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    I can see a slight difference, but it does not look like you gained. To me the top portion of your tummy looks a little more fit. Just remember you didn't put it on overnight so it wont come off overnight. We cannot pick where we burn off fat either. Take measurements of your hips, waist, stomach, arms, etc. Compare those monthly along with pictures.

    How are your clothes fitting? do they feel looser, tighter? Keep it up. I know the feeling, I'm having difficulty staying on track and stress is huge for me right now. I get frustrated when I lose some weight and then gain it all back within a day or two.
  • janessafantasma
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    I always lose weight in my hips and thighs first and my belly is always the last to go. When I reached my highest weight, which was somewhere over 200lbs (I'm only 4'11") and started working out and lost 30 lbs, I noticed right away that my muffin top looked WAY bigger because I was losing so much weight off my lower portion. It sucked and its still that way but you just have to deal with it. Weight isn't going to drop off the same all over your body and sometimes it will make your proportions look different. Don't give up, work on toning and strength exercises and don't fret over photos!
  • Your body loses fat where it wants to and not where you would like to have it. I have observed in my body that it's "last fat in - first fat out".
  • 33Freya
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    This is marathon, not a sprint. Hurried weight loss is problematic in several ways. Bad for the body, creates loose skin, you tend to gain it all back... move your body, stay within your calorie goals, and be patient. Don't diet, but make sustainable changes that you can carry on.

    Take measurements, and if you must judge by photograph, take the photo at the same time of day, in the same clothes, with the same background, and the same distance from the camera.
  • TXEXrunner
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    I'm with 33Freya - it's a marathon. Monitor your progress over the long term. The fact you are trying to improve yourself is great - your body thanks you! Don't lose that drive (and don't let these pics discourage you) - take measurements. Make adjustments along the way. Congrats on staying with it this far!
  • alienaliens
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    well you definitely are smaller. let me tell ya, I wish my belly looked like yours.