Dallas has an ice storm and I took some pics.



  • Iron_Lotus
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    Very cool pics!
  • zephtalah
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    Great shots! I love the beauty of the insignificant! Great job!
  • tm82001
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    Magical pictures!!! Thank you for sharing such beauty.
  • ScatteredThoughts
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    Wonderful pictures. It has been a while since I since I've had to deal with that kind of weather.
  • Grammie4VT
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    Wow!!! The pictures are fantastic!!! We are having that ice storm here today. :(
  • D8vidFitness
    @_@ ahhhh
  • Cali_Chica
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    These are absolutely beautiful
  • mrsgrimsdale
    Thank-you for sharing
  • geekyjock76
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    I've been living in Allen for nearly three years and enjoy the beauty of snow and ice when it does happen. Fantastic photos.
  • pocketmole
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    Cool pics!! I wish you guys would have gotten this storm on a different weekend... One of my MFP friends was supposed to run a half marathon today in the Dallas marathon and it was cancelled. She was so bummed, and I totally would be too :(

    ETA: I would totally hang some of those pics up in my house. You are so talented!!

    Yeah one of the girls in my boot camp was really looking forward to that run and is sad she didn't get to do it, but totally understands their decision to cancel. Apparently a lot of people were furious and still wanted to run it. I had enough trouble standing without falling on my *kitten* when I was out there. I can't imagine running haha :o
  • pocketmole
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    Thanks for the kind words everyone! The ice is already starting to melt away this morning so I'm glad I was here to capture it when it hit :)
  • RN514
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    So beautiful! Thanks for sharing. :)
  • vtmoon
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    Amazing pics, but that one with the Rose is something else, very beautiful!
  • lucan07
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    Really Cool! pardon the pun.
  • cityjaneLondon
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    Fab photos!
  • caramelgyrlk
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    Those photos are absolutely breathtaking.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    We are having a storm right now and I am sure it will be days before we can resume a level of normalcy.
  • jeffrodgers1
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    Amazing pics! Thanks for sharing.

    Hope you guys get back to normal soon and keep safe!

    Please don't blame Canada... we may be used to ice and snow, but we still wouldn't wish it on anyone else. :laugh:
  • AlongCame_Molly
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    Sooooooo beautiful! You have a great eye for capturing natural beauty. :)
  • TarynAngeline
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    These are incredible!! I especially love #1, 11, 14 and 30. Great talent and love your positivity
  • carolemorden9
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    Lovely photos!