Anyone from upstate NY?



  • blankmom
    blankmom Posts: 1 Member
    Rockland County north of the Tappan Zee !!!
  • WhoHa42
    WhoHa42 Posts: 1,270 Member
    I'm from Rochester area. Anyone feel free to add
  • aharper84
    aharper84 Posts: 67 Member
    I am not from Upstate NY, but I currently live in Watertown.
  • loujen1
    loujen1 Posts: 36 Member
    I'm not too far from Albany, I live in Schaghticoke, that's near Troy. You've done fantastic on you loss! Lou
  • Carl01
    Carl01 Posts: 9,459 Member
    East of Saratoga Springs,across the Hudson,almost to the Vermont border.
  • Silky815
    Silky815 Posts: 367 Member
    I am originally from the Albany area. Friend me if you would like and I can be your helper.
  • I live a few miles from the Canadian border...... the real upstate NY

    I used to live in a similar place, St. Lawrence County, but moved to California to be with my husband a few years ago. I miss New York a lot sometimes...but not this time of the year!

    Howdy former neighbor.

    lol, howdy. I have a relative named Marcia from Ogdensburg but I honestly cannot remember if she's an aunt or cousin...
  • I'm originally from a small town near Kingston, went to college in Cobleskill, but now live near Louisville KY to be closer to horses.
  • I may be the closest!! Binghamton!! :) Feel free to add me. I am quite far from my gial as I just started MFP 35 days ago but I am doing great on here!!
  • paddgirl21
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    I live right outside Buffalo in one of the surrounding 'burbs. Feel free to add me as well! :-D local support is great!
  • Donna6017
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    Born in Rochester and now live in Williamson (just east of Roch.) and have a cottage in Henderson Harbor. Any NY'ers feel free to send friend request.:happy:
  • meggypooh
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    I live in Ogdensburg. With a lovely view of the St. Lawrence River and Canada from my back deck! :)
  • I am from Ontario County. Some of the best Nature Upstate has to offer is around me. Anyone near me, feel free to send me a friend request, looking for more motivation. Even with all this snow I've biked 3 days this week and shoveled snow for 2 hours and 40 minutes yesterday. Looking for people nearby that know trails especially free ones, and 5K runs in my area, and any fitness ideas. Lost 160 pounds so far before joining this site
  • Jennifer10723
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    Upstate here as well .. about 30 minutes north of Syracuse.