NSV- Running!

I was super excited so I thought I would share. I don't consider myself a runner at all, for the most part I have always (ALWAYS) hated running except for in sports.

I am training for a half marathon and today was my long run day. I was able to run and keep up with people who were great runners and finished 5 miles in 58 minutes! Super proud and feeling strong.

And the best part- I actually enjoyed it. Ive decided, the more weight I lose, the more I enjoy running- it's a lot easier when I am not carrying around extra weight.


  • rduhlir
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  • bobbijodmb
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    that's how I felt today ha ha
  • myJOF
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    I think your NSV is great!
  • Joannesmith2818
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    That's great :)
  • PaytraB
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    This is a great story! Thanks for sharing. Congratulations on a wonderful achievement!
  • lisame1017
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    Congrats!!! Are you training for a particular half marathon? I'm a bit of a half marathon addict myself and 5 miles in 60 minutes is something I still struggle with!
  • bobbijodmb
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    Yeah I am training for one on April 6th in Scranton, PA- Its been a bit of a journey but I am getting there. I am surprised because i am not even sore today! yay!

    thanks everyone =)
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    Very nice! I wish morer people would focus on the NSV's in life. Congrats to you!