How you started/what motivated you to start losing weight

Hi everyone! I'm fairly new to the MFP community and I was just interested in what prompted people to lose weight and if they've tried (and failed, like I have before). What really got me going was my trip to Nigeria this summer. I lost 7kg over the space of 6 weeks through pretty much not eating (P.S I am absolutely NOT condoning not eating as a method of weight loss!!!). Whilst that method is frowned upon, as it should be, it did make me realise that it was possible for me to lose weight. Before then, I'd tried intense exercise regimes, cutting out carbs, no fats, etc, but nothing really worked. Thank God for MFP. :happy:

Sooo, just wondering how everyone else got started? :smile:


  • At first to look and feel better. Now for my health
  • sarahslim100
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    a photograph
  • jenovaprojekt00
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    A girl :)
  • heather4949
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    Me too....a photograph.....thought I looked so good....but there was the evidence in front of me....and I was looking at what everyone else could see, so had to take off my rose colored glasses off.....the best thing that happened to me this year was starting here...
  • gmthisfeller
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    A woman!
  • Nomatterhowsmall
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    I had a pretty unhealthy view of appropriate weight and body images as a teen. I went through Weight Watchers and lost 35lbs, but was losing hair and blacking out and eventually gained all the weight plus more back.

    I joined MFP after a goal with my sister in law to lose weight together. At the time, I also knew a woman in her early 30's suffering from stage 4 breast cancer that was caught when she had lost weight and noticed lumps in her chest. I didn't want that to be me (knowing that cancer can effect anyone no matter their health/fitness level) I needed an escape from sad stories and the stress of my job. I started counting calories, going to weekly zumba classes and I began the couch to 5k running program. Running was a great escape. I did 8 weeks through cold, windy, and rainy conditions. There's something so magical about running outdoors, the treadmill at the gym only was used when I couldn't bare the weather.

    I took the journey slow and steady and took about 10.5 months to lose 30lbs. I have kept the majority of it off now for 6 months, and have ran 4- 5ks.

    I must say, it feels great!

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  • jlar09
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    In October I ate three pieces of cake when I could have very easily just eaten one. So now I am here.
  • Sashoi
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    What got me started was finally getting on the scale. Once I saw 305 I knew I had to make a change.... I didn't officially start till July 1 though. I joined MFP in February thinking I was ready but never got started lol. Now nothing can stop me and I can't wait to see where I will be by next August.
  • Deadline,events,the fact that if I didn't change something this would continue.
  • ponycyndi
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    My pants no longer fit...and I couldn't afford a new wardrobe. So I killed two birds with one stone-eat less, lose weight and wear the same pants.
  • I could tell I was gaining weight, but didn't know how much weight I had actually gained. I found my scale in a box in my garage this evening and weighed myself. I gained a lot more than I thought. Now I'm here!
  • twixlepennie
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    A glucose number in the pre-diabetic range.
  • LaurenEileen74
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    a picture of me at my friend's wedding...yikes.
  • KelGen02
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    A picture of my husband with this girl I have never seen before? Oh wait, that's me?? WHAT???????? Funny how the image in the mirror didn't come even close to the image in that picture... :cry:
  • RonnieLodge
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    A 10kg weight gain/putting 10cm on my waist measurement in 2 years after moving back to my home country.
  • skcardiog
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    My friend joking ( or maybe not joking ? ) about getting a wide angle lens to take my photo .
  • lintino
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    Borderline high blood pressure and glucose measuring in the pre-diabetes range.
  • kjm_723
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    I realized one day that I was eating because I was bored and not because I was actually hungry. I didn't actually think I looked bad but I knew I was feeling bad. So I started that day by throwing away whatever it was I was eating and a couple weeks later through my sister I found mfp. Yesterday was 365 days of logging for me and I've lost 70 lbs. And today I ran a mile in 11mins 46sec!! A year ago I would've considered running a mile a complete and total physical impossibility. I also ran 2 5k's this year. I can't believe what I have accomplished.
  • nmncare
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    I knew I had gained weight.. But it came down to an embarrassing posted to social media. That and I want to look amazing when I move back home to London in a few months! I am planning on continuing when I am there as well. :)
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    Seeing my triple chin on a picture. That was an eye opener.