2013 Goal Reached and My Success Story - 118 Pounds Lost



  • freddi11e
    freddi11e Posts: 317 Member
    Thank you for reminding me that with one day at a time great results can be achieved. you look incredible. truly an inspiration.
  • perrinjoshua
    perrinjoshua Posts: 286 Member
    This is indeed a success story and you are an inspirational young woman to have given yourself such a goal and to have succeeded so completely. Your comments you included that you had posted on your Facebook are also very profound as well as heart felt and I want to thank you for reminding me how good it feels to have the good health I have been experiencing this year because of the change in my eating habits and the increased exercise I have been able to do. Feeling as good as we can feel is worth every moment of "deprivation" we go through by not eating the junk food and not sitting on the couch all day. Just a wonderful story and thank you for sharing.
  • nikki_smith319
    Congratulations! Truly amazing achievement!
  • _runbitchrun
    _runbitchrun Posts: 205 Member
    You look so happy and amazing!
  • wildflower408
    wildflower408 Posts: 16 Member
    What a wonderful way to close out the year!!! Truly inspiring. Thanks for sharing your success with us :)
  • karen_golfs
    karen_golfs Posts: 377 Member
    Great post - way to go
  • Laughter_Girl
    Laughter_Girl Posts: 2,226 Member
    You look fabulous!!! Thanks for sharing your journey with pics. It is encouraging to me since I'm just starting my journey.
  • BombolinaM
    BombolinaM Posts: 561 Member
    You look amazing
  • leachjg
    leachjg Posts: 63 Member
    What an awesome inspiring story! Thank you for sharing!
  • besaro
    besaro Posts: 1,858 Member
    holy photo album lol
  • mgorham13
    mgorham13 Posts: 168 Member
    The Facebook post got me right in the heart, it could not have been said any better
  • Mangopickle
    Mangopickle Posts: 1,509 Member
    Truly an inspiration! And what a great gift to give to your child. A healthy lifestyle
  • heyjay31
    heyjay31 Posts: 79 Member
    Yes, your photos are amazing and sure your transformation is fabulous, but your outlook is what makes you a freakin ROCK STAR!!! What you wrote about your health and the gift you not only give to yourself but also to your daughter is exactly why I got started and why I continue to push everyday for about a year. That's true character and a shining example! Way to go!!
  • 0shifty0
    Your awesome. I love all the pictures!! Really, you were always so beautiful! And now you look so happy ...just radiating. Love it!!
  • bubbles1212
    bubbles1212 Posts: 206 Member
    You have always been very beautiful!! Now you look happy and healthy, which is the most beautiful thing. Congrats!!!!!
  • TallGlassOfQuirky
    TallGlassOfQuirky Posts: 282 Member
  • sun_fish
    sun_fish Posts: 864 Member
    Holy cow! What a transformation. Congratulations on your success and especially your commitment.
  • TheSlorax
    TheSlorax Posts: 2,401 Member
    This has to be one of my favorite success stories so far. You look amazing and I love all the pictures! Great job girl!
  • SapiensPisces
    SapiensPisces Posts: 1,001 Member
    This is such a wonderful story and a great end to 2013!

  • Just_Kim_
    Just_Kim_ Posts: 38 Member
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