Best Yoga DVD

I am doing HHA at home and hit the gym when I can for the treadmill. I really would love to add a Yoga DVD at home. A few people said it helped with belly fat. What is your favorite DVD. I haven't ever done Yoga so just wondering.

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  • RobynMWilson
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    Tony Horton One on One Yoga is fantastic! Not sure if you can buy that separately, though...
  • harleyjax
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    I like the Jillian Michaels power yoga dvd...don't remember the name lol
  • JonathanBB
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    I like the Wii My Fitness Trainer program which includes Yoga. You can set work out length in 15 minutes increments from 15 minutes to 75 minutes and you can adjust difficulty as you go. It also has tutorials that you can click on for positions you haven't done before or just want to be guided through again.
  • michael1976_ca
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    JM has to yoga dvds out. i tried her first one its hard but i only tried it once,
  • Brandon74
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    DDP Yoga
  • msnucerity
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    My fave yoga DVD's to this day are from Eoin Finn's, "Power Yoga For Happiness" (great pace, they show variations for the poses depending on your level of flexibility/strength and I find I'm sweaty when all is said and done).

    The second DVD is my fave of all of them :)

    Happy Stretching- remember: Toes before Pose!
  • Loves418
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    Thanks everyone..I am going to look at some of these and see which one to pick up. Appreciate the replies
  • LaurenEileen74
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    I have a really easy, really good yoga DVD by Leslie Sansone (sp?) called You Can Do: Yoga. I got it from and I love it. Here is the target link (but maybe avoid target right now lol)
  • jonnyman41
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    blogilates is worth a look for many many free exercise videos pilates rather than yoga but high level of exercise and you can add segments together to build your own programmes
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  • mlh37214
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    I have Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga and it's fantastic. Bob Harper hosts. It's set up for a 6 week program with 3 different intensities.