Morbidly Obese to HEALTHY! 277 to 149 lbs PICS



  • tracpo
    tracpo Posts: 73 Member
    You look amazing seriously. It's been said you were beautiful before but you're stunningingly beautiful now. I'm inspired by your story and your photos as we're about the same height and I also carry a lot of muscle gives me hope one day I can be a single digit size. WAY TO GO - CONGRATS on your success!
  • tabik30
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    Very inspirational
  • qtgonewild
    qtgonewild Posts: 1,930 Member
    i love your story. every time i see it. because i started at 278. so i just cross my fingers and hope i look half as good as you do.
  • Hungry_Annie
    Hungry_Annie Posts: 807 Member
    WOW :drinker:

    My thoughts exactly! You're an inspiration!
  • hatedrow90
    hatedrow90 Posts: 12 Member
    You look so amazingly fantastic! You are such a motivation!
  • suzeq22
    suzeq22 Posts: 17 Member
    Amazing and very inspiring! Thank you for sharing your story!
  • sweetpea129
    sweetpea129 Posts: 755 Member
    Thank you guys!!!

    As much as i love the comments saying that i look great, i love the ones saying that i have a beautiful family even more. It means a lot :flowerforyou:
  • Great job!!!!!!!! You look awesome!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sunshine2plus2
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    Congrats! You look great!
  • tracpo
    tracpo Posts: 73 Member
    I just have to add, I love your son's expression in both your ticker and the family photo - both your children are adorable.
  • peperley
    peperley Posts: 15 Member
    Wow! You look amazing - well done! What a fabulous achievement!
  • bumblebreezy91
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  • Way to go! The hard work and dedication paid off :-) (And PS: your family is beautiful!)
  • herwholejourney
    herwholejourney Posts: 86 Member
    WOW what an amazing accomplishment!
  • oklagirl
    oklagirl Posts: 24 Member
    That's awesome!! Congrats!!
  • kgbsn80
    kgbsn80 Posts: 21
    Job well Done! You keep me inspired!
  • pyrowill
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    Holy hell, well done! Family pic was nice too!
  • IanBee93
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    You look hot! Congrats! :D
  • MinMin97
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    Love it, you look so beautiful!
  • elainecroft
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    That's just awesome!