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The 30 Day Shred exercise dvd?

katyk08katyk08 Posts: 302Member Posts: 302Member
Anyone tried it? If so, how is it and did you notice any results after 30days? Did you do it for 30 consecutive days or did ya have a day off or so?


  • katyk08katyk08 Posts: 302Member Posts: 302Member
    Anyone tried it? If so, how is it and did you notice any results after 30days? Did you do it for 30 consecutive days or did ya have a day off or so?
  • mb2bthinmb2bthin Posts: 47Member, Premium Member Posts: 47Member, Premium Member
    Nope, haven't heard of this. If you try it, let us know how it goes. Good luck :flowerforyou:
  • StrawberryMargaritaStrawberryMargarita Posts: 442Member Posts: 442Member
    I have that one, but it is in my DVD Player in line behind some of Jillian Michaels other videos. I haven't got to that one yet. I will try it tonight though and see how hard it is. That is why I haven't got to it yet, I like to master the other ones I got first, and I have I think 4 other ones by her. She is so good though in the other ones. If you haven't worked out with her in general yet, she is good! I work up a good sweat and she is kind of funny sometimes so it is fun to watch as you work out. Before when I was in shape, I would do 2 of her videos one after another, but not right now, I am lucky to get through one. The hardest part is doing jumping jacks. Who ever thought of doing those should be shot!
  • greeneyes490greeneyes490 Posts: 77Member Member Posts: 77Member Member
    Love it.....Love it.....Love it :)............can I say much more :).....I bought this about a month before I had to be a bridesmaid in june and was in a panic to fit into my dress (I couldn't get the zipper up) I used it for about 3 weeks before the wedding about 3-4 times a week and by the day of the wedding the zipper went up easily and I had a little room to spare (to breathe :))....I was so wise I could have done much better I have to say...I did indulge at the wedding shower, dinner with friends etc...but the good news is I still lost weight....I am starting back on my excersise tomorrow and it will be the 30 day shred that I will be using....I really liked it because it was only about 30 min but I got solid results and I really didn't think it was possible...but having seen jillian on tv I figured I would give it a yes I do highly recommend it.....the only thing I would say is it's a shorter workout but you have to give 100% to get the best results.....
  • kittybellenirkittybellenir Posts: 128Member Member Posts: 128Member Member
    I keep my house at 75 degrees and when doing this workout I sweat so much that sweat is literally pouring off of me. Its a great workout!
  • areason4starsareason4stars Posts: 86Member Posts: 86Member
    I love it! I am still doing lvl1...If I am sweating this much now ... I wonder what lvl1 &2 are like ! :)
  • she_red247she_red247 Posts: 20Member Posts: 20Member
    Sounds like the Power Pro 90 that I bought but never tried. I recently purchased all the turbo jam dvd's. I did it twice. It was quite a workout though. I think any of them are great as long as you do them. I buy them and then let them sit in the box. :blushing:
  • Carrie6o6Carrie6o6 Posts: 1,443Member Member Posts: 1,443Member Member
    I have been on level one for about 7 days now. When I first started I couldnt do a push up, now I can ALMOST do as many of the modified ones as they can. I also had a really hard time with the squat and press, I had to take many breaks, now I can push right through, same with the side lunges. I had a really hard time with my arms and had to take a lot of breaks. Once again I now don't need to take breaks. Its an AWESOME DVD
  • StrawberryMargaritaStrawberryMargarita Posts: 442Member Posts: 442Member
    OK, I have actually been doing that one for a little while now. My daughter and I have not been doing it regular though, but we were talking about starting. Still on level one. Getting easier to do now that I have done it about 4 times. I did all the jumping jacks today.:bigsmile: And kept up really well. My daughter was thinking we had to do the push ups the hard way before moving on, but I never plan to do the push ups the hard way. The last excersize she has you do on the first one is really hard, but I actually got through it today.
    My daughter really prefers this one out of her videos that we have, I personally like her other videos The Biggest Winner, Maximize-Full Frontal and Maxamize-Back in Action.
    She is good no matter what though, so go for it and enjoy.:wink:
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