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NFL Playoffs.... who's your picks?



  • ChristinaOrtiz23
    ChristinaOrtiz23 Posts: 1,546 Member
    NINERS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!


    Lol not me....had dawson on my fantasy team. He has had a spectacular year

    True true.... Sunday night game going to be good though!!!! Going to need a drink that day!! :laugh:

    The Panthers defense is amazing. As much as I want the niners to go ahead, I see the panthers keeping kaepernick from scoring. But harbough is awesome....he has absolutely no problem taking small victories to get past the defense by allowing dawson to get field goals to win the game.

    As long as they can get close enough to the end zone for a field goal, they'll be in okay shape.

    Remember that the Niners are a different team than the one the Panthers beat by 1 point last game. There was no Crabtree, Davis missed most of the game and McDonald was out for part of the game. It was also Smith's first game back and he played very little. The Panthers will have to play a much more honest defense this time around.
  • hmrey76
    hmrey76 Posts: 945 Member
  • 86muffintop
    86muffintop Posts: 69 Member
    I would LOVE to see SD Chargers make it ALL the WAY! I love them :heart:
  • PeaceHappinessBalance
    If we're going by odd stats:

    Since 2010 whomever played against the Philadelphia Eagles in their home opener went on to becoming the Superbowl Champion.

    2010- Saints
    2011- Packers
    2012- Giants
    2013- Ravens

    Guess who was the Eagles home opener this year?

    The Chargers. Sorry, this is where the streak ends though

    9ers Baby!!!

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    This is pretty interesting! I wish it were the Eagle themselves instead though.
  • hotmomma0612
    hotmomma0612 Posts: 651 Member
    I'd have to say the patriots. Even with all there shocking and not so good plays this year, they always manage to make a come back.
  • JONZ64
    JONZ64 Posts: 1,280 Member
  • 04hoopsgal73
    04hoopsgal73 Posts: 890 Member
    AFC: Patriots and Broncos
    NFC: Seahawks and 49ers

    Superbowl: Patriots and Seahawks

    Champion: Seahawks

    I’m a New England fan and would love to say they’ll be the Champs’, but Seattle is the only team this weekend that has played winning football all season. I’ll take abuse from my brothers if they read this!!!
    (from a gal who's tailgated at Schaefer-Foxboro Stadium-Gillette Stadium and all Patriot football places wherever they’ve been between the 70’s to now!)- ouch…...
  • ParamoreAddict
    ParamoreAddict Posts: 839 Member
    Seattle and Denver. Nobody is beating Seattle at home and Peyton is going to go crazy in the playoffs. I'm going with Manning to win it all in the Superbowl.
  • ParamoreAddict
    ParamoreAddict Posts: 839 Member
    The Patriots and Saints in Superbowl....

  • JONZ64
    JONZ64 Posts: 1,280 Member
    Colts are going to take the Patriots this week. I say that not only because I am a diehard Colts fan, but because our team is in MUCH better shape.

    Luck beating Brady may be the passing of the proverbial torch.

    If Pats have anything less than a 30pt lead at halftime, Luck has them right where wants them :laugh::laugh:

    How does it feel to be so WRONG!!!!!:laugh:
  • entropy90
    entropy90 Posts: 42 Member
    Calling it now broncos best the chargers, 49s take the panthers. for superbowl i got seahawks v broncos. as for the outcome of that your guess is as good as mine. I feel like the seahawks might have the upper hand but ive seen mr manning do some unexpected things.
  • kayla1025
    kayla1025 Posts: 104 Member
    49ers is my team ;) and then rooting for the Chargers for my South Cali team ;)
    Was very disappointed with the Seahawks and the Patroits wins today :( not who I was wanting.....
  • stcharles810
    Seahawks for sure, who they play is still up for grabs but I'm guessing Denver or pats.
  • randysbombshellgirl
    randysbombshellgirl Posts: 338 Member
    I was at the Pats game last night.....awesome game. I wanna go back next week so Go Chargers:tongue:
  • WDEvy
    WDEvy Posts: 814 Member
    Panthers because... I'm a Panthers fan! KEEP POUNDING!!!

    And Denver because my hubby is at the game today and I hope for his sake that they get a win.
  • BV1980
    BV1980 Posts: 272 Member
    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Bears.
  • _TastySnoBalls_
    _TastySnoBalls_ Posts: 1,298 Member
  • Eli716
    Eli716 Posts: 262 Member
    I'm probably one of the only few that knows nothing about football despite the family being into it so much. My grandmother and girlfriend love the Patriots, but we're from California (right smack between San Francisco and Oakland), but now we live in Bronco territory. So hopefully the Superbowl will be the Patriots vs. Bronco/Niners.

    Although, it doesn't matter for me, I'll be watching for the commercials, lol.
  • kms1320
    kms1320 Posts: 599 Member
    Anyone but Seattle.. From what the coach did in his USC days to get them suspended, to the players constantly getting hit with banned substance violations they somehow skirt around, to the unworthy praise their game managing QB gets (I mean seriously, he had a good game because he was 9-19 for 108 yards?). I hate them.
  • ronmonkey
    ronmonkey Posts: 316