NSV! I ran a mile! (First time... EVER!)



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    this is a great NSV!! keep on running!
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    Congrats! That is fantastic. :drinker:
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    Way to go! I remember that day very well!

    Enjoy the feeling, and keep on running!
  • Keep it up and well done :)
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    Ryan , I recently just ran my first mile and like you I was over the top !! Good for you ...I run slower than you or else I can't breath . I go like 4.5 I am 5' almost 3" it's ajog really but super excited when I'm done .

    Did you feel like ' I can run" when you were done? I did it's like I can see all the things I have ever wanted coming true after that mile right? LOL go you !!!!
  • Ryan__V
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    way to go ! I am trying to get there. How long did it take you?

    Thanks everyone for the encouragement! To answer your question, I am not sure! :/

    I started losing weight over a year ago and just became more active as I went. First was bicycling, I did that regularly and pushed hard until I got up to 20+ mile rides and being able to maintain over 15mph.

    I started hiking a 5k up and down a mountain (650 foot climb) every weekend a few months ago. The trail is has four or five short and steep hills with two killer ones at the end. There are a few flat lengths in between. I started with the goal of "just don't stop" and once I accomplished that I started timing myself. Once I starting being able to keep a good pace I started running a little on the way down. Now I run a little up and back, but never for more that 1/4 to 1/3 mile at a time.

    Two months ago I made to smaller accomplishments. I jogged a half mile solid at the end of a walk I took. I also completed a 5k loop around the neighborhood in just 38m:44s. This was alternating 3:00 running and 2:00 walking.

    I don't know what possessed me, but this morning on the treadmill after my warm-up I said "I am gonna run for 5 minutes" and that turned into a half mile and that turned into ten minutes and then I said heck with it and went for the gold. I was drenched in sweat and dying afterwards but I stayed on another 15 minutes alternating jogging/walking.

    It was an amazing feeling. I feel like a regular person almost!
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    Great job!! Huge accomplishment. :smile:
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    That's awesome!! I bet you feel super proud and you should. Great job! :)
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    Ryan, Great job!

    Don't worry about the "slow" part, as I read on a post in g+, you are still faster than those sitting on their butt!

    Do you have a long term running goal? 5k race?, mud run? I recently upped my goal to a 5 mile non-stop run.

    Good Luck and enjoy the "high"!
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    You are not a regular person. You are a SUPER PERSON. Well done:drinker:
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    That's great!! It's such a wonderful accomplishment that many people can't do. I'm working on getting back to running a mile straight again. Yay you!
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    Well done, sir!!
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    So proud of you!!!! I remember the first time I did that, I cried, I was so happy...don't ever forget how great it feels
  • That's a huge deal. Congratulations!
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    Thats awesome!!! I hope to post the same some day.
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    Do you have a long term running goal? 5k race?, mud run? I recently upped my goal to a 5 mile non-stop run.

    I am trying to improve my 5K time. There is a convenient loop around my neighborhood that is exactly 5K and only has two slight inclines, so it is easy for me to practice. My last shot at it took me 38m:22s.

    I don't know if I will ever get fast enough to race in a 5K. I know I will enter and complete one, just to say "I DID IT!", but I am not sure if I will ever become a "runner" in the long run. I don't like running, I am just doing it for exercise.

    My long term goal at this time is to enter and finish a sprint triathlon. I just have to figure out where and when to work on my swimming form!
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    Congrats to you! Running has changed my life. I used to run in high school, but picked it up again a few years ago. Running a whole mile is an achievement. Keep up the great work!